Kanye West tries to get Kim Kardashian back: “everything can be redeemed”

Keeping up with the Kardashians: teaser for episode 9 of season 20 Kanye West wants to win back Kim Kardashian again After the announcement of the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West which had the effect of a bomb, many fans remained hopeful that the two stars are trying to save their marriage. It seems that the rapper who is now named “Ye” also wants to win back the star of the Kardashian Family.

It's a story to be understood. Last January, without having ever really communicated officially on the subject, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leaked their upcoming divorce for various reasons. “ Kim and Kanye's marriage is irreparable ” a source told People at the time, “ Kim has overcome Kanye's chaos, and at this point , she just wants to focus on the kids and her own life “. However, following numerous rumors, fans of the couple remained hoping to see the lovers one day get back together again.

But yet, Kanye West, that the Ye is now called, has, in a way, formalized his new relationship with influencer Vinetria by taking him to watch a basketball game. Except that the rapper has already changed his mind and is now ready to win back Kim Kardashian./p>

I made mistakes

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce on February 19. And since then, Kanye West does not seem to understand the message. When he talks about her, he still calls her “ my wife ” and even invites her to all his concerts where the reality TV star appears in a wedding dress. This Wednesday, November 24, invited to a turkey cast at the Los Angeles Mission, a homeless shelter located in the Skid Row neighborhood, the rapper confirmed the rumors.

< p> “The story God wants is for you to see that anything can be redeemed. I made mistakes. I've done some publicly unacceptable things as a husband, but I'm here to change history, said Ye. “ I am the priest of my house. I have to be close to my children as much as possible. So when I am not at home, I have another one right next to it! “.

Kim Kardashian in a relationship with Pete Davidson?

For her part, Kim Kardashian seems to have turned the page and would be in a relationship with Pete Davidson. The rumors seem to be confirmed since the two have been seen in public together on several occasions in recent weeks and notably at Disneyland hand in hand for Halloween. “ They're just getting to know each other, it's not serious ,” a source close to Kim Kardashian told CNN . “ It's the first time she's seen someone [since filing for a divorce], so she's taking it real easy .”

Remains to be seen if Kim Kardashian is not going to give in to the advances of Kanye West …

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