Kanye West, who is the candidate of God and against Trump at the White House

Kanye West, candidat de Dieu et contre Trump à la Maison-Blanche

WashingtonI | He will be the candidate of God in the White House: Kanye West has said on Wednesday in Forbes magazine that he supported more Donald Trump in the us presidential election in November and has called into question the ability of the democratic party Joe Biden to mobilize the electorate black.

In this long interview made by telephone, the rapper billionaire, recognizes that he throws himself into the race at the last minute and that he will take a final decision within a month.

“We talk about it for years,” he says in reference to his presidential ambitions, revealed Saturday in a tweet, and its two main supporters: his wife Kim Kardashian and the whimsical boss of Tesla Elon Musk.

“Let’s see if the appointment is for 2020 or for 2024, because it is God who appoints the president,” said the rapper who became close these last months of the religion. “If it is 2020, then I would have been appointed by God”.

Without structure in place, it does not give any detail on his campaign, but says he no longer supports the billionaire republican after having been one of its most fervent supporters, including 2018 in a red cap with the slogan of the presidential “Make America Great Again” in the oval Office.

“I take the red cap with this interview”, he explained to Forbes, adding that he will be the candidate of a new party called the “Day of birth”.

But he also avoids criticizing the current tenant of the White House, except on its management of the movement of anger against the racism that has been prevalent for the past two months in the country, fueling suspicions of an application designed to disrupt Joe Biden, currently head of the national surveys.

“To say that the black vote is a democrat is a form of racism and white supremacy,” says Kanye West, recognizing that he would not hesitate to deprive the ex-vice president of the voice of the black minority, who vote overwhelmingly for the democrats.

The rapper, who announced that he had had the coronavirus, also shows his defiance in the face of the vaccines which, according to him, paralyzed many children, an assertion that is false and strongly opposed by the scientific world.

“When they say that the way to resolve the COVID-19 is a vaccine, I am extremely cautious”, he explains. “It is the mark of the beast”, lance-t-il-a reference to the Devil.

Donald Trump has ruled that this is a bid surprise was “interesting” and thought that the election of 2024 should be its true purpose.

Joe Biden has not commented on the announcement of Kanye West.

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