Karaoke behind glass

Du karaoké derrière une vitre

MONTREAL – Some Montreal’s bars are also stepping up efforts to continue to offer karaoke to their customers while respecting the measures of social distancing.

At the bar in The Normandy, located in the gay Village, we can still shout themselves hoarse on a Céline Dion song, but it should now do it behind a plexiglass installed in front of the stage. “There is no way that people who sing to be able to send droplets into the room,” says the owner of the place, Pascal Lefebvre.

The micro is no exception to the new measures of the bar : the participant must install on top of a fabric protector, which is disposable. Wipes are also distributed to disinfect the handle.

“The person remains seated until the time they call because now there was more books with songs on the tables. Scanning a code with the phone and it sends us directly on the directories French or English,” says Mr. Lefebvre.

Behind the glass

Similar measures have been implemented in the karaoke offered on Wednesday at Piranha Bar, in the centre of the city. The owner, Mathieu Malouin, was chosen to install the microphone to the outside of the bar to avoid exposing the customers inside.

“It closes the window in front and people are watching the tv from the other side of the window”, he explains.

The micro, including the wire and the foot, are disinfected at the same time as the glass between each participant.

Modified hours

As the government announced on Thursday that bars must stop serving alcohol at midnight, the hour of karaoke will have to be modified. This tightening of the rules has been “a little lost hope,” Mr Malouin.

The karaoke will begin now to 19h instead of 22h. Mr. Malouin wonders if his clients will be at the rendezvous so early. “I have my doubts. These are people who work and who come later […] It’s going to seriously affect our revenues and our customer base”, he believes.

For its part, the karaoke bar The Normandie will start now two hours earlier, at 20h instead of 22h. “We lose an hour for the moment. It is hoped that it will quickly return to regular hours because it is not certain that customers will arrive earlier”, said Mr. Lefebvre.

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