Karol forced me to cry thousands of Ukrainians: the dream of 8-year-old boy came to life

Кароль заставила рыдать тысячи украинцев: мечта 8-летнего мальчика воплотилась в жизнь

Sunday, April 14, was held a semifinal of the TV show “Golos Krainy”. It fulfilled a dream of 8-year-old boy who overcame cancer. Daniel Chobanyuk wanted to meet singer Tina Karol to sing with the artist.

Boy’s dream became a reality. Tina gladly accepted the offer to meet with Daniel and went out to the child in the hall. The boy was delighted, but with the advent of the actress confused.

After some time, Daniel learned, and even dared to sing with Tina Karol. 8-year-old boy wanted to do with artist composition “Ukraine is you.” Noticeable was the excitement of a child, but Daniel did. Emotional moment forced to cry many of the spectators wept, the TV show “Golos Krainy” Katya Osadchaya and Tina Karol.

A young fan of Tina Karol also promised that he will definitely come on the show “the Voice. Children.”

The 13th edition of the TV show went extremely tense. From each coach there was only one participant who was chosen by the coach and the audience with his vote. The results were summed and thus determined one contestant, which took place in the final. It is also worth noting that their performances of viewers of the semifinal pleased with the ex-participants of the project “the Voice” Christina Solovey and Tayanna, and read rap on scene of the show online star аlyona аlyona.

Кароль заставила рыдать тысячи украинцев: мечта 8-летнего мальчика воплотилась в жизнь

In the semi-finals of the show “the Voice season 9” came Andrew Hyatt and David Axelrod (Tina Karol), Victoria Oleynik and Andrey Karpov (team Monetica), Victoria Yagitch and Karina Arsentyeva (Potap), Oksana Mukha and Rafi Haight (Dan Balan ). They expect to win vocal project.

Recall that Carol gave the Ukrainians the summer in the middle of spring, this flower.

Previously “Know.news Agency” reported that the “Feminine nature with a steel character”: Carol stirred the imagination of fans of spicy pose.

As he wrote, “Know.ia” Dan Balan ex “the Voice” made Tina Karol nervous: you have to see that face.


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