Kate Middleton was accused of using Botox: the reaction of the Royal family

The Duchess of Cambridge are regularly accused of using “beauty shots”

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Кейт Миддлтон уличили в использовании ботокса: реакция королевской семьи

Kate Middleton makes Botox: truth or myth

Kate Middleton regularly makes Botox so says the famous British plastic surgeon Munich of Somji from the clinic in London Dr. Medi Spa Clinic. According to the expert, the Duchess of Cambridge uses the so-called “baby Botox”, which does not leave a feeling of heaviness and gently smoothes wrinkles and lifts the eyebrows.

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In addition, in Instagram he published a photo of before and after the alleged Botox injections, Kate Middleton. Later Munic of Somji deleted the pictures, but they are already spread in the network.

Кейт Миддлтон уличили в использовании ботокса: реакция королевской семьи

Plastic surgeon offers to pay attention to that photo “to” Katie Middleton looks tired and has wrinkles. And the picture “after” the mother of three children looks flawless and radiant.

“Note on the reduction of forehead wrinkles. As well as the elevation of the lateral tail of the brow,” writes the doctor.

In turn, Kensington Palace has already commented on the information the New York Post. In his statement, the representative of the Palace claims that the message about the use of Botox Kate Middleton is a lie.

Note that the presence of visible wrinkles on the face Kate Middleton may vary depending on the lighting.

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