Katy Keene, The Mandalorian, Vampires… 10 new series that will arrive in 2020

Katy Keene, The Mandalorian, Vampires... 10 nouvelles séries qui arrivent en 2020

The Mandalorian, Katy Keene, Vampires… the 10 new series that will arrive in 2020

The year 2020 will be loaded in the new seasons, but also in the new series. You are ready to discover original artworks and to spend all of your time (or just all of your weekend in front of your computer or your tv ? Just for you, PRBK has selected a list of 10 shows. The program ? The Mandalorian, Katy Keene, Vampires, Stargirl…

The Mandalorian

Agree, it is not totally unheard-of for those who are addicted to illegal downloading. However, The Mandalorian, the first series in live-action (that is to say, with real actors) end of the universe, Star Wars will officially and legally in France with the arrival of Disney+, scheduled for march 31. The series takes place between the action of the Return of the Jedi and the Awakening of the Force. There follows a Mandalorian, bounty hunter hidden, which will see his life turned upside-down during a mission and is going to take care of a helpless little being (aka Baby Yoda who cracked the web). Season 1 consists of 8 episodes and a season 2 will be available in the fall of 2020.
Release Date : 31 march on Disney+.

Trailer of The Mandalorian

Katy Keene

Three years after the launch of Riverdale, the series worn by KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart gets its first spin-off. His name ? Katy Keene. The story ? Passionate about fashion, the girl (played by Lucy Hale), who is a friend of Veronica, is going to welcome home Josie McCoy (Ashleigh Murray), moved to New York to become a singer. One crosses the path of Jorge (Jonny Beauchamp), who wants to drill in the theatre and is a drag queen in the evening and Pepper (Julia Chan), who wishes to set up a workshop of artist. For info, Katy Keene takes place several years after Riverdale. A crossover between Katy Keene and the original series is planned for 2020.
Release Date : on February 6, on the CW.

Trailer of Katy Keene

The Walking Dead : World Beyond

After Fear, the Walking Dead, a second spin-off of The Walking Dead arrives in 2020. Unlike the other two series, The Walking Dead : World Beyond follows the first generation raised in the zombie apocalypse. The characters are, for the most part, adolescents, and the events happen a dozen years after the onset of the disaster. This show derived, carried out by Aliyah Royal (The Red Line), Alexa Mansour, Annet Mahendru (The Americans), Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston or even Nico Tortorella (Younger), will be quite different from The Walking Dead. Season 1 of The Walking Dead : the World Beyond is made up of 10 episodes.
Release Date : spring of 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

Trailer of The Walking Dead : World Beyond


After Family Business, who will soon return for a season 2, Marianne and Deadly, Netflix continues in the series the French with Vampires. The pitch ? While the family of Martha Radescu lives clandestinely in Paris, its delicate balance is about to explode when Doina, 16, is transformed into a vampire. The teenager will have to live with his dual nature and try to control his impulses. At casting, we found Oulaya Amamra (Divine) and Suzanne Clément (Versailles), there will be Pierre Lottin (The Tuches), Juliette Cardinski (Large), Kate Moran (A knife in the heart), Dylan Robert (Scheherazade), Mounir Amamra (The world is yours) and Aliocha Schneider.
Release Date : current 2020 on Netflix.

Katy Keene, The Mandalorian, Vampires... 10 nouvelles séries qui arrivent en 2020

Vampires : Netflix unveils his new fantasy series French


For its platform, Disney has also decided to spoil the fans of Marvel. Several series around the characters seen in the Avengers are in preparation as a standard on Loki with Tom Hiddleston or another on Hawkeye with Jeremy Renner. Initially scheduled for 2021, the series WandaVision will finally be available in 2020. It is centered, as its name indicates, on Wanda Maximoff (aka the red Witch played by Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (played by Paul Bettany). It will have 6 episodes and there will be some other familiar faces from the MCU as Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings), seen in the first two parts of Thor or Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) seen in Ant-Man and the Bee.
Release Date : end 2020 on Disney+.

Katy Keene, The Mandalorian, Vampires... 10 nouvelles séries qui arrivent en 2020

WandaVision unfolds with a first photo


Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl , and Batwoman are welcoming a new member in the Arrowverse. His name ? Brec Bassinger, aka Stargirl. The life of the high school girl will flip when she gets powers thanks to the Cosmic Staff reported by her step-father, Pat, played by Luke Wilson. As successeuse of Starman, the ado will have no other choice than to join the Justice Society to confront the worst villains of the present, but also of the past. In addition to Brec Bassinger and Luke Wilson, can be found in the casting of Giancarlo Esposito (The Maze 2), Joel McHale, Henry Thomas or Amy Smart. Season 1 of Stargirl is composed of 13 episodes.
Release Date : spring of 2020 on the CW.

Trailer of Stargirl

Lizzie McGuire

15 years after the end of Lizzie McGuire, the cult series inherits a result quite unexpected. Aged now about thirty years Lizzie McGuire “has the job of her dreams, she really has the perfect life now. She works as an apprentice for a famous interior decorator in New York. She has found the man of her life, which has a restaurant, very cool to SoHo. She has the apartment dreamed to Brooklyn, “said Hillary Duff reprising her famous role. The key players, such as Hallie Todd (the mother), Robert Carradine (dad) and Jake Thomas (Matthew, brother), will also return. On the other hand, the come-back of Gordo (Adam Lamberg) and Miranda (LaLaine) still remains a mystery.
Release Date : current 2020 on Disney+.

Katy Keene, The Mandalorian, Vampires... 10 nouvelles séries qui arrivent en 2020

Lizzie McGuire : the sequel to Hilary Duff reveals

Gossip Girl

The universe of Gossip Girl you lack ? Well good news, a reboot of the series, worn by Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley (You), Ed Westwick, Blake Lively and Chace Crawford, is in preparation. However, don’t expect to find Blair, Serena, Dan, Chuck and Nate since the show will highlight a new generation of adolescents from secondary schools private New York city to show how much social networks have changed since all these years. The showrunner, Joshua Safran, has charged that the reboot of Gossip Girl will be more diverse than the original series. The casting for the moment remains a question mark except that Kristen Bell is returning to his role of narrator.
Release Date : current 2020 on HBO Max.


After the medical field with Hippocrates, the area fantastic with The Ghosts, the policy area with the Black Baron or even the field of history with Versailles, Canal+ will now launch in the world of rap with Validated. The story ? A young rapper with talent, supported by his friends of childhood, you will find “validated” by a star in the middle. Great news, but “this alliance quickly turns into a dangerous rivalry, “says the synopsis. The cast of Validated is composed of Frank Gastambide, Sabrina Ouazani, Moussa Mansaly, Adel Bencherif, Liv Del Estal and Hakim Jemili. Season 1 has 10 episodes.
Release Date : current 2020 on Canal+.

Trailer of Validated

High Fidelity

Adapted from the film of the same name with John Cusack, the series High Fidelity is worn by Zoe Kravitz. The actress played a record shop passionate about vinyl and pop-culture that is looking back to his love life complicated through the music. Will she finally find true love ? Suspense… The casting, we find Jake Lacy, Da vine Joy Randolph and David Holmes (II). The season 1 of High Fidelity has 13 episodes.
Release Date : 14 February 2020 (perfect for Valentine’s day) on Hulu.

Trailer of High Fidelity

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