Katy Perry was back in the center of the scandal

The famous singer was accused of slutty behavior

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Кэти Перри снова оказалась в центре скандала

Katy Perry

Has not passed also weeks as the jury in the US has sentenced Katy Perry for plagiarism of the song Dark Horse, as the popular singer has appeared again in the scandal centre.

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At this time, as writes the edition Variety, Katy Perry is accused of slutty behavior. The fact that in 2012-m year, the American star, according to a novice actor and model Josh Kloss, acting too openly against him. The incident occurred at the birthday party of their common friend, where Katy Perry publicly pulled his pants down.

“It was a party on the occasion of the birthday of johnny Vuca. When I saw her, we hugged because she was still my love. But when I turned to introduce her to my friend, she pulled off my pants and underwear to demonstrate your friends and all those present my genitals. Can you imagine how miserable and embarrassed I felt?”, – frankly confessed the actor.

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Also Josh said that for a long time remained silent about it due to embarrassment. In addition, the representatives of Katy Perry forbade him to speak publicly regarding this situation.

Кэти Перри снова оказалась в центре скандала

Josh Kloss

“Now I say this to say that women who have power, as disgusting as men. To admit that someone abused you, it was hard, and it took me so much time. I could raise this issue a million times, but a lot of people would think that I’m doing this for your own benefit. But I do not pursue selfish goals,” said Kloss.

We will remind that in February of this year it became known that Orlando bloom has proposed to Katy Perry. The actor gave the ring to his sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Also prior to this proven sources claimed that the couple is in no hurry with the ceremony and wants to enjoy the relationship before the marriage ceremony.

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