Katya Gumenyuk – about meeting her husband, the wedding and honeymoon

The singer told how he feels in the new status

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Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Wedding Assol

25-year-old Ukrainian singer Katya Gumenyuk, more known under the name of Assol, married 19 Sep. The chosen girl was her childhood friend, a business analyst Artem Taranenko.

In an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle Katya Gumenyuk spoke about her meeting with her future husband, an unforgettable bachelorette party, the wedding and new status.

Katya, with her husband Artem Taranenko you met in childhood. At which point began a romantic relationship?

Can’t even remember a particular moment. After meeting in Turkey, we never crossed paths. Communicated exclusively by phone, talked about everything, shared their experience of past relationships, and somehow unnoticeably started (smiles).

Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Katya Gumenyuk in a wedding dress

Tell us, have you encountered any issues during the preparation for such an important celebration?

No, we had the same vision of our holiday. About all the nuances consulted with each other and make joint decisions.

The witness was your cousin. Support Artem on the big day?

Artem was a witness, it’s his best childhood friend from the Dnieper.

The bachelorette party was held in Turkey. Symbolic, because it is in this country held a proposal of marriage. What surprises you made a friend?

There were a lot of surprises! At the airport the girls handed me a suitcase in which lay things out for our honeymoon. I was given a bag with the inscription Mrs, shirt, bracelet, engraved in English “We will always be with you”… It was very sweet, I couldn’t even control his emotions and burst into tears.

Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Bachelorette Party Assol

Bachelor Artem also went to Turkey?

Yes, he had three men at the bachelor party, but nevertheless they have he was very fun and bright.

As you can see in Instagram, leading the celebrations began with Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov, and guest artists – a top Ukrainian singers Tina Karol and MONATIK. Who else of the celebrities were invited and how many people have shared with you a significant event?

Invited guest celebrities was not only very close friends and relatives. I’m not friends with anyone from a show-business people from this area are my colleagues who are treated with great respect. On this solemn day with us was just the closest. The number of guests at the wedding amounted to 155 people.

Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Wedding Assol: dance of the newlyweds

Wedding in one of the most fashionable places in the capital, fancy dress, decor, stars as the leading and headliners – one can only imagine what a tidy sum you turned the celebration. Who was the sponsor of the Grand celebration?

The amount at which the cost of our wedding is a very long preparation and a lot of nerves. May 1, 2018 Artem proposed to me, and, in fact, from that moment we started our preparations for the wedding. Tried to make it so that the cost amount was adequate, ordered, booked in advance.

You have been a different story with the wedding dress, when it could not deliver to Ukraine. How did you manage to resolve the situation?

The situation was resolved difficult, because for some strange reason the airline didn’t want to communicate with us. Decided all thanks to a classmate Artem in London, she worked at the airport from which we flew. We managed to contact her to request that she contacted people who work at the airport. Because of this, we learned that none of the Luggage that flew with us on this flight, not flown with the aircraft. Only five days later the dress came back together with the rest of my stuff in suitcases.

Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Katya Gumenyuk married to Artem Taranenko

The wedding day rarely everything goes according to plan. There were moments and situations that made you nervous?

You know, I was told, they say, something goes wrong, get ready, will be all according to plan. The only time I got nervous is when he sang a song for her husband, which she wrote. Worried to cry, and I have not worked in-ear monitor, I heard and sang just “blindly”. To such turn of events were ready, because this happens quite often.

Describe your wedding in three words.

Fabulousness, sincerity, love.

How it feels in the new status, something in your life changed? You and Artyom lived together before marriage or moving in together now?

We discussed that after the wedding, some can be devastated due to the fact that a lot of emotions. But that’s probably due to the fact that we had two wedding days, and we immediately depart on our honeymoon, did not have time to feel. Moreover, both feel any ease in the new status. So cool that we’re not just boyfriend and girlfriend, fiance and fiancee, we are a small family, it’s such a cool feeling. Artem began to live together before the wedding, in the second year of study in London.

Катя Гуменюк – о знакомстве с мужем, подготовке к свадьбе и медовом месяце

Assol was married to Artem Taranenko

How to get out of conflict situations? Who often first comes to reconciliation?

My husband is generally very difficult to quarrel, because he any conflict situation will translate into a joke. Thank God, the conflicts we have arise extremely seldom, and on everyday topics never have any disputes.

When going on a honeymoon and where? Perhaps it will be symbolic for your country and Turkey?

Honeymoon first, we travel to the romantic city of Paris, and after that Mauritius. Two years I asked Artem to take me to DisneyLand, so we decided to stay there for three days.

As you can see your life in the future? Plan to sing or take a pause in musical activity, to devote time to her husband and maybe be a mom?

I don’t share a career and a family, for me it’s all just my life. No pauses are not going to take, we are young, energetic, we have a lot of plans. Inspire each other to new achievements, new achievements. Therefore, we will work hard to make our dreams and plans come true, become a reality.

Earlier, Katya Gumenyuk published wedding photos.

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