Katya Osadchaya complained about the new rules of the Verkhovna Rada: details

The TV presenter visited the solemn opening of the first session of Parliament

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Катя Осадчая пожаловалась на новые правила Верховной Рады: подробности

TV Presenter Katya Osadcha

Today, August 29, held its first session of Parliament of the ninth convocation. To chat with newly made deputies, the journalists had a long time to stand in line. In addition, not all elected officials have agreed to give an interview.

Shared their experience of the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Katya Osadchaya. The star said that he was standing in the queue along with other members of the media for 50 minutes. Osadchaya also said that in the new Parliament, the new rules. So, apparently, in the future, journalists will not be able to work in the corridors on the second floor of the Verkhovna Rada.

“The new Parliament – the new rules. Journalists likely will no longer work in the corridors of the second floor. Today on the agenda is acceptance of the change. At the ceremonial opening of the access into the corridors already closed. Alexander Tkachenko (MP, Director General of “1+1” August 20, 2019, ed.), what informpolitiki? Ahh, it’s “freedom of speech”, let’s get on Shufrych, writes Osadchaya.

Катя Осадчая пожаловалась на новые правила Верховной Рады: подробности

Besides, Katya Osadchaya said that the deputies Petro Poroshenko Svyatoslav Vakarchuk refused to answer her questions, and stated that “there are no bad questions, sometimes failing to respond”.

“Interview with new deputies, many among those who refused, Petro Poroshenko Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, I was persistent, and bias can not blame us, but there is no) no, no, it is not bad or awkward questions, sometimes failing to respond” – said TV presenter.

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