Katya Osadchaya shocked unpleasant incident MAU: details

The presenter told us that was the threat to fly standing

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Катя Осадчая шокирована неприятным инцидентом с МАУ: подробности

Katya Osadchaya

TV presenter Katya Osadchaya told of an embarrassing incident that happened to her recently. This is an International Ukrainian airlines. Star together with his son Ivan went on Board of the aircraft, and it turned out that their seats were already occupied. As a result, the crew members advised Katya Osadchaya with the child to find the free space. According to the presenter, they just got lucky that they were found.

Philip with children were in a bad situation on the plane:

“When flying with a child, and there is no space, because they put other people,” wrote Osadchaya.

Under the post TV presenter, in which she said of MAU, left a comment, popular singer Olga Polyakova, adding how this situation could ever arise. What Katya Osadchaya said that was a threat to fly standing: “had to sit on the loose in the cabin, well, at least I found loose was the threat to fly standing”.

Катя Осадчая шокирована неприятным инцидентом с МАУ: подробности

Katya Osadchaya told about the incident on Board the aircraft

Note, a similar situation arises when the airline sells a greater number of tickets than there are seats on Board.

By the way, recently an unpleasant incident MAU, happened with the singer MARUV. The actress found that her Luggage opened and missing personal belongings.

Earlier we wrote that Katya Osadchaya bought the car over three million UAH.

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