Kaya Scodelario : the star of Crawl is afraid of horror movies ! interview Match or Next

Kaya Scodelario interview on PRBK for the release of Crawl

Ready to shake ? This Wednesday, July 24 released the film Crawl directed by Alexandre Aja with Kaya Scodelario in the lead role. The actress that we saw in Skins and the saga The Maze is going to face terrible alligators. A film that is brutal and frightening, perfect for the summer. PRBK was able to interview the actress during a Match or Next.

While the heat wave rages, we have a solution to cool off : slip into rooms to see Crawl ! The film comes out this Wednesday, and will surely give you chills. It follows Haley, a student, very talented in swimming who will end up in a situation distressing and dangerous : stuck in the basement of his home with his father, she will have to do everything to get out… without getting eaten by the alligators that roam in the surrounding area. A film of survival that will not leave you indifferent, just like Kaya Scodelario who plays the lead character.

“Crawl is the first movie with a little gore than I look”

Even if it is not 100% gore, Crawl we reserve scenes of tension a little bloody. One thing that does not like necessarily Kaya Scodelario! “Alexander is going to be so disappointed !” joked the actress at the microphone of PRBK. “I’m a little afraid of this kind of things. Crawl is the first film a bit of gore that I look at it.” has also confessed to the star that understands the attraction of an audience to this genre. “I understand why people love this kind of movies especially when we have Alexandre Aja or Sam Raimi. They are brilliant in this area. I understand why it excites people.” she adds.

In our interview to discover it in full in our slide show, Kaya Scodelario also discusses the filming of the underwater scenes, crocodiles or even his fans. Crawl is released today in cinemas.

Interview by Aubéry Mallet. Exclusive content. Not to mention without mentioning Purebreak.com.

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