Kazakh prophetess shared the forecast for 2019

Казахская прорицательница поделилась прогнозом на 2019 год

According to the woman, Europe expect the disasters.

Every year psychics scare people with those or other events that cause mass death of all living things. As a rule, it is often about natural disasters. In fairness it should be noted that quite a lot of predictions coming true, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

According to the survey, most people are reluctant to the words of psychics. All are anticipating something bad, but do not raise a panic. For example, almost all famous clairvoyants talking about the denouement of the Third world, which is logical, given the current heat of passion. The battle will have on the Slavic people and the Islamic. When it will be – no one speaks.

The other day Faith Lyon, a famous prophetess from Kazakhstan, said that in the new year, many areas will be under water because of the numerous hurricanes and storms. At particular risk UK: the country’s climate will be much harsher. Germany will suffer from snowfall and a series of earthquakes of decent strength.

Italy, in turn, will be under a layer of ash: there will Wake up the volcano. Due to the strong eruption of the Vatican city will be under water. As a result, the Catholicism after a certain time will cease to exist.

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