Kazakhstan: President says constitutional order is “largely restored”

Kazakhstan: President says constitutional order is & rsquo; dquo; widely recognized & eacute; ;

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President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said on Friday that order had largely been “restored” in the country after days of unprecedented unrest and riots.

“Law enforcement officials are working hard. Constitutional order has been largely restored in all regions, ”the Head of State said in a statement, adding that operations to restore public order would continue“ until the total destruction of the militants ”.

“Local organs have control of the situation, but terrorists still use weapons and damage citizens' property,” the Kazakh president continued.

The Interior Ministry said 26 “armed criminals” were killed and 18 injured in the riots. He confirmed that all administrative buildings were “freed and placed under increased protection”, with 70 checkpoints established across the country.

In Almaty, the economic capital and where the riots were most violent , “The police and the armed forces and related ensure public order, the protection of strategic infrastructures and the cleaning of the streets”, he added.

Russian troops and other Moscow allies arrived in Kazakhstan on Thursday to support the ruling power, which has been facing anger over rising gas prices for three days, which has turned into chaotic riots, especially in Almaty.

The violence, which left dozens dead and more than a thousand injured, continued Thursday with gunfire heard in the center of the city, which bore the scars of the clashes.

Eighteen members of the security forces were killed and 748 injured. Around 2,300 people were arrested.

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