Kazanin of “95 Quarter” revealed feature by Elena Kravets: “I dance, sorry”

Казанин из “Квартала 95” раскрыл особенность Елены Кравец: “У меня танцы, извините”

Stepan Kazanin and Elena Kravets from Quarter 95

today, 13:58

A well-known comedian and actor Studio “Kvartal 95” Stepan Kazanin commented on the participation of Elena Kravets in the new season of “Dancing with the stars” on channel “1+1”. The star dancing in a pair with Maxim Leonov and surely moving towards the end of the show.

In an interview Znayu Kazanin called the feature of the Lena river and its main difference from other members of the team.

Казанин из “Квартала 95” раскрыл особенность Елены Кравец: “У меня танцы, извините”

Elena Kravets and Stepan Kazanin

The Joker is not easy to combine work in “Evening Quarter” with “Women’s Quarter”, and now added and daily rehearsals at the dance project. So it is understandable that at the rehearsal of “Kvartal 95” Lena might be late.

“It’s from the “Dance” does not depend on Lena’s always late – with a smile said Stepan Kazanin. – Now simply a “COP-out” – “I dance, sorry I’m late.”

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Besides, he admitted, reflected whether the workload Kravets in the “Dancing with the stars” on the team.

Казанин из “Квартала 95” раскрыл особенность Елены Кравец: “У меня танцы, извините”

Maxim Leonov, Lena Kravets and George weaver

Max Leonov, Lena Kravets and George weaver

“Dance” work as a whole not hinder, but also does not help. We have the same Comedy team, not a dance, – said Kazanin. – This is purely her decision, she wanted”.

There were rumors that Vladimir Zelensky was not allowed Elena Kravets participate in the previous season of “Dancing with the stars” that could hurt the working process.

“Not that Vova (Vladimir Zelensky – ed.) she was told, but the time was filming “public Servants” and it was difficult to connect”, – confessed Stepan Kazanin.

Earlier, Stepan Kazanin of “95 Quarter” revealed the truth about my team without Vladimir Zelensky.

He admitted, taking a “kvartalova” on the transfer of Vladimir Zelensky from humor to politics.

Stepan Kazanin of “95 Quarter” I called myself the perfect husband and shared the secret to a good marriage.

In October Znayu attended a concert recording of “Evening Quarter” and talked about the funniest moments of the show from comedians.

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