Kazanin of “Kvartal 95” admitted she is in love with a minor, and pulled her under…

Казанин из "Квартал 95" признался, как полюбил несовершеннолетнюю и потянул ее под...

today, 08:56

Famous Ukrainian humorist of the Studio “Quarter 95” and the companion of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Stepan Kazanin on the occasion of Valentine’s Day admitted, as did the proposal for his bride.

A message appeared on the Instagram page of “95 Quarter”.

According to him, it happened in the first year, when he was only 18 years old, and his betrothed, even less.

“The proposal did modestly have a bottle of champagne, invited me to visit and said Natasha in the eye all I think. What was more interesting was when we told our parents about the decision. Parents Natasha once all safely passed, and my even tried to dissuade us – still 1 year, I am 18 years old, Natasha even less. But, thank God, nothing happened”, says the actor.

Казанин из "Квартал 95" признался, как полюбил несовершеннолетнюю и потянул ее под...

A screenshot of the message

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