Keanu Reeves found the love of my life: secretly preparing for the wedding

Киану Ривз нашел любовь своей жизни: тайно готовится к свадьбе

Keanu Reeves with your favorite photo medialeaks

today, 14:28

Favorite Hollywood actor million women Keanu Reeves is no longer hiding the relationship with Alexandra Grant. Just recently became aware of his Bronnitsy. 46-year-old painter and sculptor has been a long-time friend Keanu and supported him during the most difficult times, but their relationship reached a new level.

Киану Ривз нашел любовь своей жизни: тайно готовится к свадьбе

Keanu Reeves

Now on the sidelines all whispering, what’s a confirmed bachelor, Reeves has plans to marry the woman he loved. According to some, Keanu has managed secretly to make an offer of marriage to Alexander, the artist immediately said Yes.

Keanu and Alexandra for a long time and work closely together. And, of course, give fans Reeves the discussion.

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Киану Ривз нашел любовь своей жизни: тайно готовится к свадьбе

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant (photo from free sources)

This happy event happened at Reeves, he decorated the room with candles and ordered food from an Italian restaurant, which is so fond of Alexander. Keanu wanted this to be an important and touching moment they shared with a loved tete-a-tete, so the actor didn’t want to draw attention to themselves and took Grant in a public place.

It should be noted that Reeves and Grant familiar for 10 years, long time they were just friends, and romantic relationship they had started about six months ago. Sometimes, exactly is the beginning of true love.

Recall, a ladies ‘ man Matthew McConaughey has posted a mysterious message on Instagram.

As reported by the portal Znayu Hollywood actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger met with 16-year-old Swedish ecoactivists Greta Thunberg and ride her bike.

The portal also Znayu wrote that the famous Hollywood bachelor Keanu Reeves for the first time in a long time came out with a new girlfriend. The beloved actor was “unusual” and “strange” woman is the so called companion star actor in the network.

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