Keanu Reeves surprised fans with his act: what happened

The actor has pleased fans that have left him a message

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Киану Ривз удивил поклонников своим поступком: что произошло

Keanu Reeves

As you know, Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, who allegedly meets with Angelina Jolie, now starring in the musical Comedy “Bill and Todd”. Filming was held in Louisiana and the locals are doing everything to attract the attention of the actor.

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But most of all lucky fan named Stacy. Upon learning that Keanu Reeves would drive to the set by her house, she and her sons made a sign saying “You are breathtaking”. A tuple with a star stopped near her home. The car left Sam Reeves, knelt down and wrote the answer: “no, you’re amazing!”.

Киану Ривз удивил поклонников своим поступком: что произошло

“Yesterday, this sign stood on the lawn on the way to the set. Keanu jumped out of the car and did it,” he wrote on Twitter writer ed Solomon, who accompanied Reeves.

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By the way, the phrase “You’re breathtaking” against Keanu was not chosen by chance. In early June, when the actor during the conference, Microsoft presented gamers Cyberpunk 2077 with his participation, he called the game addictive. On one of the fans shouted: “No, you’re spectacular!”.

Recall that the actor Keanu Reeves, who recently in an interview claimed about his loneliness, came the fashion show of men’s collection spring/summer 2020 Saint Laurent with a woman – artist Alexandra Grant.

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