Keanu Reeves will be the producer of the female spin-off of “John Wick”

The plot of the film, which will be called “Ballerina”, will be a young girl-killer

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Киану Ривз станет продюсером женского спин-оффа "Джона Уика"

Keanu Reeves

Finally appeared information about the future spin-off of “John Wick”. The company Lionsgate has appointed len Wiseman (“Swamp thing”, “die hard 4”) a Director of a new project. Will there be in the new film Keanu Reeves, who recently turned 55, not specified, but he will act as Executive producer.

Learn the history of the saddest of Hollywood star Keanu Reeves:

According to Deadline, the plot of the film, which will be called “Ballerina”, will be a young girl, a murderer. The heroine seeks revenge for the death of his family. Who will play a major role in the film are not yet known.

Note that in the third part of “John Wick” you could see the ballerinas in the theatre Director. One of them played unity Phelan.

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The writer of the spin-off will perform the Shay Hatten (“John Wick 3”). The release date of “Ballerina” yet.

Recall that kinosalona Marvel is preparing to enter a new era after the end of “the Avengers”, and Keanu Reeves is enjoying a second peak of popularity thanks to “John Wick”. So Marvel may enter into a new era with Reeves on Board.

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