Keep track of the coronavirus in the sewers

Suivre la trace du coronavirus dans les égouts

In anticipation of a second wave of COVID-19, canadian scientists are currently working to put in place a system of detection based on the organic waste that end up in the sewers.

The experts hope to be able to assess the presence of the coronavirus in the neighborhoods or in certain institutions, such as institutions of long-term care and prisons, to be able to act more quickly in cases of outbreaks.

“Everyone needs to go to the saddle. This is something that you can’t avoid”, launched by professor Kimberly Gilbride, of Ryerson University, in an interview with Global News.

It is estimated that this system has undeniable advantages compared to the testing current, which often escape the asymptomatic individuals.

“People can’t choose not to comply (to the detection system based on the wastewater), then it will give us a very good idea of what is happening in the communities,” said Kimberly Gilbride.

Also in Montreal

Professor Gilbride participates in the implementation of the system in Toronto, where he is still in the experimental stage. By the end of the month, her colleagues, and she should be able to begin to analyze the presence of the virus in the sewers of the metropolis of ontario.

Similar systems should also see the light of day in Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Windsor in particular.

This method of detection could help contain the virus in case of a second wave.

“If the virus concentration in the wastewater is stable and that all of the sudden it increases further, it could be an indication that the second wave is coming,” explained professor Claire Oswald, Ryerson University, who also works at the project in Toronto.

“We’ll analyze some geographic areas and compare the samples to see if certain spots or areas are more at risk than others,” said Claire Oswald.

The same system could potentially be used to detect other infectious diseases.


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