“Keeps the people in…”: Pugachev loudly disgraced in front of millions

"Держит народ за...": Пугачева громко опозорилась на глазах у миллионов

today, 10:12

Your cultural trip to cinema continues film about a solo concert of the prima Donna in the Kremlin, entitled “the concert”. However, the impression of fans of Alla Pugacheva was divided on several fronts.

This is reported by Russian journalists.

According to media reports, one of the very attentive audience noticed that “half of the concert is not a concert, and a private shoot in the days that preceded it”. He noted that the Diva “even a microphone in the other hand, what else in the trailer was visible”. Unfortunately, a monstrous fraud was discovered.

"Держит народ за...": Пугачева громко опозорилась на глазах у миллионов

Promo of the film “the concert”, the video frame YouTube

So actually there is, almost the entire film was shot operatorsky group a few days before the concert – in the pavilion “Glavkino” and during several rehearsals in the empty hall of the Kremlin Palace.

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“Because large plans so much that without an audience the shooting was, and it close goes the operator with the Steadicam, and Alla works clearly on the camera, not in space. What do 17-April, one can see – in the manner of shooting and the microphone. And the ratio of live audio/soundtrack other than at the concert. Not in the sense of more or less, but I mean something for the film version became under the plywood, and that, on the contrary, alive. In short, keep the people for fools.”, noted fan of Alla.

Recall that Galkin and Pugacheva are saving on your own children: “they have no Money, how? They don’t work”.

As reported Znayu “the Paris ready!”: Galkin showed French lessons with my daughter, she has a real gift.

Znayu wrote, Loboda showed passionate dances with the handsome blond, the fans intrigued: “similar Nikolaev”.

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