Keisha Lance Bottoms: the colistière perfect?

Keisha Lance Bottoms: la colistière parfaite?

His name circulates in the american media the past few days. This is the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, or CBS, it relays its returns and compute its chances of attracting the attention of the entourage of Joe Biden. Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta. His attitude and statements since the beginning of the crisis sting the curiosity and deserve praise.

Black woman and mother of four children, she reacted with calm and wisdom in the face of events affecting the country and his State for a few days. I leave you here an excerpt from one of his statements of thugs and violent protesters. With a rare aplomb, it is asking people to go home, not hesitating to put forward his own experience as a black woman in the United States.

Before this statement became viral, few Americans outside of Georgia or the city of Atlanta knew it. His leadership in this turmoil, can he allow him to stay ahead of Kamala Harris, Stacey Abrams, Val Demings, or Elizabeth Warren? It is undeniable that the current context limits the margin of manoeuvre of Joe Biden for his choice of colistière. At the very least, it guides the reflection.

Biden keeps repeating that the electorate is black is not acquired, but that the chances of progress are better with him in the White House. As competent women are not lacking in the list of candidates, can he still afford to ignore a candidate black in favour of a white one? The name Elizabeth Warren is circulating a lot in the past two weeks. She possesses all the qualities required, even if at age 70 she rejuvenates not the ticket democrat.

The pressure on Biden is more and more strong that he will pick a black woman. We already know that he would prefer that his colistière has a certain amount of experience in federal policy. Only Kamala Harris offers this baggage. But Mrs. Harris was also a prosecutor and it’s a safe bet that we scrutera all its declarations and decisions concerning the racial question. If she has the insurance necessary to defend and justify his behavior, one might think that Biden preferred to minimize the potential controversy on this topic. It is not the lesson to Trump and then having to explain the past decisions of its colistière.

If the mayor of Atlanta is in position for only two years, just like Val Demings, she offers the personal qualities that might compensate for his lack of experience. Young and confident, she does not hesitate to speak directly to the black community. She does it as only a community member can do and can rightly claim great leaders of the past.

Among its numerous declarations of the last days, I noted a reference to Martin Luther King: “A protest has a purpose. When Dr. King was assassinated, we didn’t do this to our city. So, if you love this city, this city that has had a legacy of black mayors and black police chiefs and people who care about this city where more than 50 percent of the business owners in metro Atlanta are minority-business owners, if you care about this city, then go home.”

In the quote above, she allows the lesson to the protesters. We manifest when it has a reason for doing so, and it does not destroy his city. She referred to the leaders blacks that have marked the history of Atlanta to highlight the harm they are doing to their community by looting and vandalizing the city.

These days, you know many of the leaders, who can both comfort the black community while launching a call for calm and restraint? There are very few who have the personal experience and the credibility of Keisha Lance Bottoms.

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