Kendji Girac shot: the investigation is over, we finally know what happened in the singer's caravan

This Monday, June 24, 2024, the justice system announced in a press release that the investigations into the Kendji Girac case were now over.

Nearly two months ago, singer Kendji Girac was shot in the chest. As the investigation progressed, the artist's versions of how the events unfolded diverged. This Monday, the Mont-de-Marsan prosecutor announced in a press release that the investigation had been closed without further action, announces Le Parisien.

A voluntary act

"The investigation carried out made it possible to formally exclude the intervention of a third party in the occurrence of the shooting. The procedure was therefore the subject of a dismissal without further action, we can read in the press release. "The investigations, which have since been able to continue peacefully, are now completed", wrote prosecutor Olivier Jeanson.

The investigations which lasted two months revealed a "massive concentration of powder" on Kendji Girac's clothes, "especially on the sleeves". "The clothes of (his companion) only reveal residual traces, compatible with his presence in another room of the caravan, at a distance from the shooting", assured the prosecution.

The investigators reached a conclusion: Kendji Girac was "voluntarily" shot at the level of the thorax. Une "massive concentration of powder"&nbsp The attack on the singer's sleeves was able to establish that he had shot himself. "The clothes of (his companion) only show residual traces, compatible with his presence in another room of the caravan, at a distance from the shooting", underlines the prosecution, relayed by Le Figaro.

No further action

With regard to Kendji Girac's two criminal offenses, namely the acquisition and possession of a category B weapon as well as the illicit use of narcotics, the prosecution has also announced his decision.

"The procedure relating to offenses against weapons legislation has been dismissed. Concerning the use of narcotics will also be classified within six months, subject to compliance with health monitoring", it is noted.

"He returned to these first statements, indicating that in view of his alcoholism and his cocaine intake, he had not aware of what he was doing with this weapon", specifies Olivier Jeanson.

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