Kenya: at the age of 9, he invented a machine against contamination in coronavirus

Kenya: à 9 ans, il invente une machine contre les contaminations au coronavirus

NAIROBI – A Kenyan of 9-year-old has invented a machine to wash the hands without risk of contamination to the coronavirus.

Stephen Wamukota is inspired by a message of awareness to the television on the pandemic COVID-19 to design a mechanism that allows you to wash hands safely, reported Friday, “Ouest-France”.

The system, mounted the traditional way, is made up of a machine in the wood that allows you to pay of the hydroalcoholic gel, by pressing a foot pedal.

Using another pedal, tilting the barrel towards the front to let the water flow through a small valve, has been provided.

The young prodigy has even thought to recover the waste water in the village of Mukwa devoid of the drinking water in the homes.

“I had bought a few pieces of wood to make a window frame, and when I got home, I discovered that Stephen had built this machine,” said BBC James Wamukota, father of the young inventor who has been awarded by the president of Kenya.

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