Kerfuffle around travel credits

Cafouillage autour des crédits voyage

A few weeks of the partial recovery of the service at Transat, a few customers whose flights have been cancelled due to the pandemic would like to have a little more details on the travel credit to which they are entitled, but are unable to do.

In order for this credit to be granted, the client must pass to speak to someone in customer service. However, it seems that the air carrier can not meet the volume of calls and emails. O Saturday, Transat has not issued any comment about the long time frame to its customer service.

“We have no info on the famous travel credit. I write every day and when I threatened to start legal proceedings, they do not answer me more,” said Fred Gaudin, who has not had a response on the part of Transat since 25 June.

After a stay of three years in Quebec, the French original was to return to his family in April, when the pandemic was all messed up.

Transat will resume a few links as of 23 July, but for Fred Gaudin, it was too late. Without a job and having to leave his apartment in Montreal, he returned to Marseille at the end of may, paying $ 1,100 for a plane ticket with another airline.

It would thus indeed be entitled to a travel credit of Transat, but in reality, he would much rather get a refund, what the quebec-based company, as a good portion of the carriers in the country, refuses.

“I do not wish to have travel credit, because the only flights available from Transat from France go to Quebec. Knowing that I’m back, I’m not interested”, he stated.

A credit conditional

Melanie Lampron would like to also get a full refund of the ticket rather than just a travel credit.

Contrary to Mr. Gaudin, she was able to have a little more information on how apply his or her credit journey and the first response of the airline was baffled.

“I was supposed to go get married and we had booked for a group. Transat told me that in order to have access to my credit, it should be the same group to travel together. But how to book a holiday at the same time for people who do not even know each other between them, especially that the wedding will finally take place in Quebec?” rose up the young woman of Mont-Laurier, in Laurentides, in which the group of friends calls for 30 000 $ in all to Transat.

What will happen to it in bankruptcy?

Since then, corporation has adjusted its position and offers travel credits individual. Anyway, Ms. Lampron continues to demand a reimbursement.

It is as if she takes the travel credit, which is valid for two years, she fears not having the time to use it, as the financial position of Transat is very fragile.

The acquisition of the flagship québec business by Air Canada, for example, might not materialize in the current context.

“When these big companies are bankrupt, they were bought out, but debts are erased. We would lose our credits”, is concerned about Melanie Lampron, which calls on governments to require that carriers reimburse their customers in the wake of the pandemic.

The laws are much more strict within the countries of the european Union (EU). Last week, Air Canada is committed to repay the cancelled out of the EU, but the carrier has not made the same concession for the flights taking off from Canada.

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