Kev Adams : 5 things you never knew may not be the star of the film Profs

Kev Adams : 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être pas sur la star du film Les Profs

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Kev Adams : 5 things you never knew may not be on the actor

On Monday 24 February 2020, you will be able to (re)see The Teachers from 21h05 on TF1. The opportunity to learn more about Kev Adams, which interprets the dunce Boulard. Of his shows to the series Soda who has made known through his many roles in movies, check out 5 things you didn’t know necessarily about the star of humour.

He landed his 1st role in the movie before Soda

It is perhaps thanks to the series Soda, which was broadcast from the summer of 2011 on M6 (and then on W9 from 2012), you know Kev Adams. Yet, before appearing on the small screen, he had already won a first role in the cinema, even if the film was not released until December 2017.

In fact, as reported by Allociné, Serge Hazanavicius, who has done Everything up there has admitted to having spoken to Kev Adams this first role on the big screen at the time of his first show : “We left the Ice Palace to attack the Casino de Paris and the series Soda on the M6 was not yet released. But for me everything was already there : his deep energy would allow me to do the film I was dreaming. The working title of the film was Number One, and number one, it’s Kev : when he enters a room, you say ‘hey, this is the leader’!”.

“He has this trick of the hero, a hero vanneur but a hero,” explained the filmmaker, who therefore has discovered the comedian even before he is known, “And then between us there is trust, he let me film as I wanted to, agreeing to engage differently. It is very courageous because it reveals an intimacy that he chooses not to, and that there has perhaps not yet seen in him. In this role I wrote for him. It is a constituent of the film, without him, not up there”.

Kev Adams : 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être pas sur la star du film Les Profs

Kev Adams in the top

Kev Adams : 5 choses que vous ne saviez peut-être pas sur la star du film Les Profs

Kev Adams in the top

His role Boulard in The Profs should not be so important

The one who confessed to be leaving for the season 2 of Mask Singer on TF1, where he was sworn in season 1, almost only have a small passage in The Profs. As indicated by Allociné, the first drafts of the scenario placed Boulard (played by Kev Adams) as a simple classmate, with a few lines to say. Except that Pierre-François Martin-Laval, alias Pef, the developer has gradually expanded the character of a dunce at the side of the actor. And in the end, he ended up with the most important role among the students. Pef has even written a replica of Boulard, drawing upon his own words when he was a schoolboy. A real work of rewriting.

His mother works with him

In addition to performing on stage and turn in the feature film, Kev Adams has created his own production company : My Family. And guess who is the director general ? His mother, Nathalie Smadja. In 2016, he had even confessed to Gala : “I’m fortunate to have an exceptional mother. She handles everything, she is always there for me”. Why have engaged his mom ? “My mother really had enough of his job, she was tired of the routine of metro-boulot-dodo” he said.

And in addition, it also allows him to be able to be at his side more regularly, between two shoots, or two shows : “I also engaged in my team to have it more often next to me. It is a exemplary woman, she taught me all the values that I’m proud of today. In addition, she has talent. Moreover, it is very easy and very pleasant to work with her mother, it is enough to set limits”.

Kev Adams : his mother testified her love for her son in a magneto of Highly Sunday, on France 2

Ado, he took a wind after his 1st kiss

He who had been in a relationship with Iris Mittenaere had told about his first kiss in Paris. “I was 15 and a half years” had he been entrusted with, “and after that, she threw me”. A kiss followed by a big wind. But since he became famous, Kev Adams no longer has a problem to please the women. “I have dredged more years, as anonymous as a celebrity and somehow it didn’t work at all when I was not known then as now, it works very, very well” he assured with Closer, “Necessarily, I am aware that the celebrity plays in there !”.

Kev Adams has opened a restaurant

Since the month of October 2019, Kev Adams has added another string to his bow : he is a restorer. The name of his restaurant ? Jak Healthy. What is the principle ? Burgers healthy. The address ? 24 rue de Rivoli, in Paris. On his account Instagram, he had even posted pictures of the opening night with many stars and friends like Nikos Aliagas, Arthur, Gad Elmaleh or Jamel Debbouze.

It is “the first restaurant of burger healthy!!! A project on which you are working since 2 years with @institutpaulbocuse to find recipes fast food free of saturated fatty acids without additives and without all those shits, and especially with the least amount of calories possible ! Basically you take a menu at Jak (burger fries drink) this is as many calories than just a fried at Mcdonalds” he wrote in the caption. You can eat buns complete with linen and buns green spinach.

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