Kev Adams rembarré by Aya Nakamura for a skit : “It lacks a bit of the second degree”

Kev Adams rembarré par Aya Nakamura pour un sketch : "Elle manque un peu de second degré"

Aya Nakamura refused to do a skit with Kev Adams

For the last of his show to Be 10 years, Kev Adams has put the small dishes in the large : the comedian happens this Saturday, December 28, at the Zenith of Nantes, a show broadcast live on TF1 from 21h05. For this final show, the one that we have been able to see in the Mask Singer wanted to do a sketch with… Aya Nakamura. A project that is, unfortunately, fell into the water.

Revealed on stage with The Young Man Show in 2010, Kev Adams tops the film with The Profs (2013) or The New adventures of Aladdin (2015). After some of the success on the big screen, the actor returned to his first love, to celebrate her 10 years of career : since 2018, he performs on stage with her spectacle to Be 10 years the last of which takes place this Saturday, 28 December and is broadcast live on TF1.

A skit with Aya Nakamura ? Kev Adams has tried

During his show, Kev Adams talks about his romantic relationship with Iris Mittenaere and mocked by Aya Nakamura. He had even posted a part of his sketch on YouTube. For his last performance, the actor and comedian says he has wanted to strike a blow… and has invited the singer of Djadja and Pookie for a skit. One thing that this last was denied as the entrusts the investigator of Mask Singer TéléStar. “I proposed to him to come join me on stage and me winnowing. We could have made a skit for two, I had a lot of ideas. But, she refused, I’m not going to disagree with each other.” he first confided before adding : “I fear that it lacks a bit of the second degree. It is a pity.”

Kev Adams stressed before his last

In an interview given to the Figaro, Kev Adams admits to having a certain stress before this last. “I am very happy, very moved and full of trac for this direct. When we play in a room, people choose to come see you. Here, there are plenty of people who do not have necessarily have chosen, and you get home through the tv. Therefore, it is necessary to convince them.” has he entrusted to you.

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