Kev Adams responds to criticism about his relationship with Iris Mittenaere and send him a message

Kev Adams répond aux critiques sur sa relation avec Iris Mittenaere et lui envoie un message

Kev Adams is back on his relationship with Iris Mittenaere and responds to criticism

Heavily criticised on her relationship with Iris Mittenaere, with whom he has been in a relationship for a year, Kev Adams has now responded in an interview for Yahoo!. The comedian took the opportunity to pass a little message to the former Miss France and Miss Universe, but also to his new little friend !

Rather discreet about his private life, Kev Adams was recently on his relationship with Iris Mittenaere and revealed the real reasons behind their breakup, after a year of relationship. He even decided to talk about it in his show, Be 10 years. A subject on which the comedian was asked to return in an interview with Yahoo !. He referred in particular to the criticism regarding their couple.

Kev Adams responds to criticism about his relationship with Iris Mittenaere

While some criticized Miss Universe 2016 as “too beautiful for him”, he replies : “I didn’t care really. I always knew she was very beautiful, maybe a little too nice for me. But when you are a guy who takes the time to write these [reviews], you feel it when even a little rage. And so it makes you feel when even a little fun ! I am relaxed compared to that, there are still more serious problems in life.”

A-does he still have feelings for her today ? He put the things clear about this : “of course I have a lot of love for it. The love I have for Iris today, this is more of a love from a lover. It is a love of someone who has a lot of affection for someone. Because there has never been a problem between us, because it was always very, very well and so I have a lot of respect for this girl. And I wish him the best”.

He has a message for Miss Universe and her new boyfriend

In order to prove this, he sent a tender message : “I hope that all goes well, that you love the life, that it goes well, that you’re not too tired. And here I will repeat how much I’ve spent amazing moments with you. And I hope that we will see you soon for a coffee, when you want. In any case, full of happiness for the rest of your projects and that’s good for you, for your family, for your mom Laurence that I love and you know it.” Before finishing off with a point of humour : “And kisses to your new fellow !”. Iris would have in fact found love in the arms of a certain Diego El Glaoui…

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