Kev Adams returns to her parents ‘ divorce : “I took a slap in the mouth”

Kev Adams revient sur le divorce de ses parents : "J'ai pris une claque dans la gueule"

Kev Adams returns to her parents ‘ divorce : “I took a slap in the mouth”

See his parents divorce is never an event easy and very pleasant to live in. As with every child, Kev Adams has also lived very badly the separation from his father and his mother seven years ago approximately. It is in an interview with France Bleu that the actor and comedian that can be seen on stage in the show to Be a 10-year-old speaks out on this topic.

“It is my father who has made the decision to leave”

In full promo for her new show “Be 10 years,” Kev Adams is past in the show In the Retro on France Bleu to confide about his career, his teenage years, critics or even her parents ‘ divorce, he lived very badly : “as for Me, when my parents divorced, I was 22 years old or 21 years old. J had already won the best out of my family life, I was already the one who was certainly the most, and so I really took a slap in the mouth“, explains the actor.

The former Iris Mittenaere then asked : “at this point, I say to myself ‘But no! no! you are my family. I am trying to start a thing. All my life, you told me : it is impossible. I am in the process of doing so and you let me put this ball in the foot. It is a ball in the foot. You ask me to handle something for which I have neither the maturity nor the strength, nor the desire to manage and yet I’m going to have to manage it because I’m not going to let my brothers like it.’ This is my father, at the time, which has taken the decision to leave. Today, with time, things have calmed down but I told him much wanted to. Because in addition to it, at the time, he is my manager. It was a relationship, also in the work.

“It is the greatest suffering”

Kev Adams continues : “Me, I never wanted my father to leave my mother. It should not stay with someone that you do not like or don’t like. It is the greatest suffering, and I wish him all except the suffering of my father. When we are parents, we love them from the depths of our heart and me, it is my case. I never miss anything. My parents have always spoiled, I want the best for them.

The investigator of Mask Singer explains that this divorce has been much more difficult to deal with since he also had to deal with the beginning of his career : “Already at the time, I’m very criticized ‘Aors voila, the new darling of the teens apparently it works very strong and well, if that’s the way it works, where is the world going ?’ I read it in journalists nerd shit and next I have to deal with the screams, crying, my father, who must leave the house, my brothers who do not understand what is going on, my mother, who was depressed by this situation.

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