Kevin Guedj : his tattoo for his daughter Ruby mocked, he prefers to laugh

Kevin Guedj : son tatouage pour sa fille Ruby moqué, il préfère en rire

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Kevin Guedj unveils his tattoo done for her daughter Ruby

Already madly in love with his daughter Ruby, born October 1, 2019, Kevin Guedj wanted him to prove his love by being tattooed with his name, but not only. The darling Carla Moreau has done a tattoo very complete (too much ?) who has done a lot to respond. In the Face of mockery, the candidate of Marseille VS the rest of the world 4 reacted with humor.

On the 1st of October last, Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj lived the most beautiful day of their lives : the birth of their daughter Ruby. Since then, the two candidates of Marseille Vs the rest of the world 4 are crazy for it. Not only are they the spoil with love and gifts, but they have created a page on Instagram his name, where they post pictures of her only, but also with their parents gaga.

A tattoo for Ruby too busy ?

Very happy to become a dad, the friend of Julien Tanti has already taken to declare his love to his daughter in making a tattoo in his honor. Thus, he has tattooed his name on hand, but not only that… the tattoo is overflowing as much as his love for her ! Day, hour of birth, height, weight, the message of love… he has listed all the information relating to this special day in his life, surrounded by various symbols such as a heart, a line of life mixed with a heart or the sign of infinity.

Kevin Guedj fun reviews

A tattoo validated by certainsinternautes, but too busy for others, who have not failed to give their opinion : “I put not the tattoo Kevin really, you’re excited to become a dad you’ll understand, but he had put his medical record on his hand”, can we read, or even “The tattoo of Kevin on his hand it looks like the birth of his daughter”, “The tattoo of Kevin is too much there’s too much information on his hand. I do not know if they are in the aim of having a single child, but you filled your hand to a child the other you are going to put where ?”. The critiques that Kevin Guedj’d rather laugh : “Damn, I forgot the number of secu… Go, I returned to the tattooist !”, lance does it with a sense of humor story ! The most important thing is that it is pleasing to him !

Kevin Guedj : son tatouage pour sa fille Ruby moqué, il préfère en rire

Kevin Guedj : his tattoo for his daughter Ruby’s criticized, he plays with it

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