Kevin Lambert award for his novel “Querelle de Roberval”

Kevin Lambert primé pour son roman «Querelle de Roberval»

Montreal author Kevin Lambert is the winner of the award of the Implementation of the succession in Montreal, 2019, for the quality of his second novel, “Querelle de Roberval”.

According to the jury created by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, it is “through a prose resounding and a weaving narrative, with relentless, where the writing itself becomes alive” that the writer is distinguished.

The book is interesting to the themes of social disintegration and the exploitation of working sets the stage for the striking employees of the sawmill at Roberval. Transformed by the madness, they are sucked in by Quarrel, a man synonymous with chaos.

The price of the Implementation of the relève in Montreal, 2019 with a cheque for $ 10,000. Sovann Rochon-Prom Tep (the proposal of choreographic arts “A time for everything”) and Marie-Laurence Rancourt in collaboration with Aalaapi (theatre production and sound “Aalaapi”) were also nominated for this award.

Before presenting “Querelle de Roberval” – also published in France), Kevin Lambert has been noticed because he has signed the novel “You shall love what you killed”, published in 2017.

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