Kevin Parent wants to have fun

Kevin Parent veut avoir du plaisir

After having put on line several times and launched a new single titled Go with me, the author-composer and performer plunges into the unknown with five shows in ciné mode-park.

He will participate in the concert series TD musiparc with benefits to ICAR Mirabel (Thursday evenings), Gatineau (11 July), Bay of Beauport (July 12), Bromont (16 July) and Mercier (July 17).

Kevin Parent has left the Gaspé where he was confined for three months. He repeated on Wednesday, with the cellist Marianne Croft and his drummer Michel Roy, who will accompany him on the boards.

“I love my job, I love making music, I love the sound and make triper people, if I can. I’ll be there with the heart and mind open and I like having fun “, he started, in a telephone interview.

Containment active

Kevin Parent has been very active and has put online a large variety of covers of songs on his page in Facebook in the last few months. Parts of Cat Stevens, the Stones, of Reed, Simon & Garfunkel, Peter Gabriel, Neil Young, Beatles, Kansas, and even Motley Crue. He also wrote in his repertoire.

“I’m a little vague. I’m trying to do my duty as a good citizen and being a good listener, while continuing with my activities and continuing to create. Like everyone else, I adapt “, he dropped.

New piece

The author, composer and interpreter has launched, on 22 may, a new song titled Go with me. It follows the titles better Days and Beautiful misfortune brought online in 2018 and 2019.

He continues to write and expects to continue this experience of songs thrown in the room with the collaborator and producer John Nathaniel.

“We made a song and when it no longer rotates, it prepares a new. I like this way of doing it. I don’t feel an urgency to go out of business. This is not useful to hurry. I can’t wait to make a new one and it’s going to maybe go to the fall “, he said.

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