Kevin spacey for the first year appeared on the network and recorded the controversial video: “Kill them…”

Кевин Спейси впервые за год появился в сети и записал неоднозначное видео: "Убейте их..."

today, 21:16

Famous Hollywood actor, who was accused of sexual harassment, Kevin spacey recorded video greetings with Christmas. Video called KTWK (“Kill them with kindness”), which appeared in the image of his character from the TV series “house of cards” – U.S. President Frank underwood.

Spacey year did not appear in social networks, however, released a video on Christmas eve, December 24. In it, he sits near the fireplace in the red sweater.

You didn’t think I’d miss the opportunity to wish you a happy Christmas?” said 60-year-old actor, addressing the audience.

Кевин Спейси впервые за год появился в сети и записал неоднозначное видео: "Убейте их..."

Kevin Spacey

Spacey called the last year “good enough” and noted that it improved their health. Note that the actor was in the clinic after he was accused of sexual harassment.

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In light of this, I changed in my life and I would like you to join me. As you get closer to 2020, I want to vote for something that the world had more good. Oh, yeah, I know what you think. Is he serious? I’m serious as ever, “said spacey.

And it’s not difficult, believe me. The next time someone does something that you don’t like it, you can go on the attack. But you can also not be nervous and do the unexpected, the actor said after a dramatic pause he continued. — You can kill them with kindness, “summed up Kevin spacey.

Note that the actor released a similar video last year. He also congratulated all a merry Christmas in the image of the character series “house of cards”.

A few years ago around Kevin spacey’s scandal — more than a dozen people accused the actor of sexual harassment. The scandal undermined the authority of the artist among his colleagues. The creators of “house of cards” has spacey break off the contract by deleting his character with the final of the 6th season, which started in 2018.

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