Kharkiv MeetDocs 2019 has announced the programme of the festival

In the program of kinofest Ukrainian films, the participants of the Berlinale and the FESTIVAL 2019

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Kharkiv MeetDocs 2019 объявил программу кинофестиваля

The Film “Home”

In Kharkiv for the third time to host the biggest film festival in Western Ukraine. This year the international festival of Khariv MeetDocs will last for five days – from 25 to 29 September. For the first time will pass competition of children’s and teenage videos on socially important themes and workshops for students and independent short film festival “Mess” became a full part of the festival.

Also watch the video about how was the festival in Odessa:

In pitching, except for the final stage on September 29, will include educational workshop and presentations from participants. Among the members of the jury – the leading documentary filmmakers Sergey Bukovsky and Vitaly Mansky, the teacher Valentin Marchenko, and among the Tutors – General producer of the Odessa international film festival Julia Sinkevich, producer Anna palenchuk and German producer and Director Felix Kriegsheim. The winner will receive a modern quadcopter DJI Mavic Pro Platinum.

The festival will feature 26 feature films and short films: Kharkiv 13, 2 Ukrainian, European and world premieres

To open the festival will be the opening film of Nariman Aliyev “Home”, which is a contender from Ukraine for “Oscar”. In July, the film won the Grand Prix at the jubilee 10-th Odessa international film festival. The Director will personally present the picture.

Kharkovites will be able to see another film that was awarded “the Golden Duke” – “And then we danced.” The film premiered in Cannes, and the film of Georgian Director was nominated for the Oscar of Sweden. The movie tells the love story of two men in gender conservative community with traditional Georgian dancing.

The main documentary section will present how leading European and world tape, and the most recent Ukrainian documentary work (“the History of Winter garden” Seeds of the Brain, “Brothers in arms” by Sergei Lysenko, “Sings Ivano-frankivskteplocomunenergo of” Hope Parfan, “I Believe. Wait. Pray” Catherine Strelchenko).

Will be shown and the most high-profile co-production work. Among them — the film Alice Kovalenko “Home games”, which was recognized as best documentary at the Odessa international film festival “Listapad” in Minsk and Duhok in Kurdistan in 2018, and at the festival “Artdocfest” the film received a special award from the jury. In 2019, the film was the best documentary work on the Wales International Doc Fest, 2019 in the UK and the GoEast festival in Germany.

Will also be submitted to the Belarusian-Ukrainian painting “My grandmother from Mars” tells the story of an elderly woman who lives in the occupied Crimea and almost left without friends because of his Pro-Ukrainian views. Director Alexander Mikhalkovich he became one of the heroes of the tape. He goes to his grandmother for 80 years, with him to support her whole family is going.

His new film will represent Kharkiv Director, award winner, film festival Docudays UA Dmitry Lavrinenko. Within KharkivMeetDocs will be the world premiere of his movie “Pieces.”

In Kharkiv will host the European premiere of the documentary film “Germany, with love”. Director Desiree Almoradi tells the story of her close friend. In 1985, the brother of the woman, an American soldier killed by German leftists. Decades later the heroine goes to Germany to make peace with the killers older brother. One of the most anticipated films will be German picture ISA of Willinger “Hello artificial intelligence”, which presents the history of the relationship between robots and humans.

Kharkiv MeetDocs 2019 объявил программу кинофестиваля

Will be held in Kharkiv Kharkiv MeetDocs

Two works addressed themes LGBTQ community. This film by Maya Newell “Gayby baby” about the lives of four children whose parents are gay or lesbian. It is a study were they influenced by this fact. The film will be screened with the original language, without Ukrainian subtitles. And on the day of completion of the festival, September 29, at the Invite Hub Ukrainian music video Director and LGBTQ activist Yuri Dijon presents the continuation of its project “don’t hide the eye – 2”, which tells about the fate of five Ukrainians in the United States.

The main theme of this year’s festival – activism and independent journalism. In the framework of September 26 in Kharkov economic University. Seeds of a Blacksmith conference will be held with the participation of volunteers, community activists and leading journalists of Kharkov and war correspondents. The conference will be shown three short films; “the color of the facade — dark blue” Alexey radyns’ka, which received the special jury award at the 48th Kiev international festival “Youth”, “the Peacekeepers. In the mountains Svanetii” Andrei Kirshin and “Without status. Ukraine” Dmitry Tyaglova. And on September 27 will be the Ukrainian premiere of Askold Kurova “New”, which tells about the existence of the only independent newspaper in Russia.

The industrial platform includes a series of workshops and panel discussions. Among them – and about the possibilities of financing projects in the audiovisual and cultural sectors, which act as the experts of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, representatives of the program Culture Bridges from the British Council in Ukraine and the Fund “Renaissance”. Famous writer and playwright Natalia Vorozhbyt will talk about the creation of the screenplay. A favorite actress of many Ukrainians Irma Vitovskaya will share the basic secrets of acting — as an actor builds up his character, what “study method” and so on.

Ukrainian cinematographer and filmmaker who works in Germany, Anton Yaremchuk on his practical master class presents the path of the film from the student kilometersa before the world premiere in Amsterdam. He will explain how to create independent documentary films without connections and budget. The Director and screenwriter of Roots gritsyuk will tell you how to shoot a low-budget independent film, how to attract famous actors and as no scenery to make a atmospheric film.

Participants will learn how to strengthen the Director’s intention by using animations, archival materials. All parse the nuances of the world famous and examples of their own cases together with the co-founder of the animation Studio Vialex Motion Lab Victoria Gluhovetsky and Alexey Kirichenko. And even — how to protect your work in the film industry, about the risks of non-payment of fees and plagiarism. Advice from a German expert on media law Marcus Hotz.

Will close festival a film by Vitaly Mansky “Putin’s Witnesses”. The events in the film begin on 31 December 1999, when the Russian Federation found out about the new President. The film is based on the documentary testimony of the operation “the Heir”, in consequence of which the country got a President who ruled it now. The Director will present the film personally.

We will remind, in Kharkov – from September 17 to October 31 will be held Biennale of young art.

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