Kharlamov manly men decided on the recognition, Asmus did not expect – “would Spit in the face”

Харламов с  брутальными мужиками решился на признание, Асмус такого не ожидала - "Плюнул бы в лицо"

Garik Kharlamov, YouTube

today, 19:41

Russian comedian Garik Bulldog Kharlamov boasted that his 39th birthday, he met with the famous Italian football player Alessandro Del Piero behind the scenes of the TV show “Evening Urgant”.

Joint photo with Del Piero Harlamov posted on his page in social network Instagram. Also got a photo of Ivan Urgant, leading Letterman.

“If I said that my 39 years, I note with Alessandro Del Piero, I would’ve punched that man in the face. And along the way I spat 😂 ” jokes the comedian in the caption to the photo.

Харламов с  брутальными мужиками решился на признание, Асмус такого не ожидала - "Плюнул бы в лицо"

Alessandro Del Piero, Garik Kharlamov and Ivan Urgant, photos Instagram

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Garik Kharlamov was born on 28 Feb 1981 in Moscow. Most known for his participation on the rights of the resident in the Russian Comedy Club, as well as roles in films and on television. Kharlamov married to Russian actress Christina Asmus.

Alessandro Del Piero – one of the greatest players of all time, star Italian club Juventus, world champion in 2006.

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Recall, the wife Kharlamov Asmus admitted as scandalous Text has affected her: “I lost my head.”

As reported by the portal “Znayu” the Asmus after intimate scenes have merged in a passionate kiss with Крbдом, “Poor and happy”.

Also “Znayu” he wrote that a scandalous husband of Christine Asmus said about his illness: “Treatment can not be”

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