Kidnapping: the kidnapper did not hide his number

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The kidnapper with the threatening voice, who called twice on the cell phone of the founder of the Cora chain to ask her for a ransom of $ 11 million the night her son was kidnapped, n ' did not see fit to hide his phone number. & nbsp;

This was explained to the jury Jean-François Hébert, a police officer at the Sûreté du Québec, who went to Cora Mussely Tsouflidou so that she could get in touch with the investigators the night Nicholas Tsouflidis was kidnapped.

“& nbsp; Immediately, we took note of the phone number and I I called the investigator to give him & nbsp; “, said Mr. Hébert, recounting the call. & nbsp;

Thus, the kidnapper had not yet made his second phone call to Ms. Tsouflidou, during which he ordered her not to contact the police, as the authorities were already on his trail.

Remember that a former franchisee, Paul Zaidan, is undergoing a trial in connection with this kidnapping which occurred on March 8, 2017. An email address which appeared on the ransom letter found at Nicholas Tsouflidis' house allowed the accused to be traced, according to Crown theory. & nbsp;

Cora strongly questioned

Earlier today today, Cora Tsouflidou was questioned, in cross-examination, about an amount of $ 50,000 that she allegedly paid to her eldest son Theoharis Tsouflidis about a week before the kidnapping.

The tone became acrimonious between the two to such an extent that Judge François Dadour of the Superior Court intervened on several occasions to restore calm in the courtroom. & nbsp;

Time and time again, the 74-year-old businesswoman said she couldn't remember. Especially since she had a dispute with her eldest son, because he had drug problems and often begged for money.

To jog his memory, Me Christopher Lerhe-Mediati exhibited two reports, dating from March and May 2017, written by investigators to whom she mentioned having made this transfer.


< p> The defense seems to be particularly interested in this amount, because during his testimony, Mr. Tsouflidis reported that his captors mentioned to him that they would have been paid $ 50,000 to kidnap it.

“You did everything to make your brother Theoharis the suspect, didn't you?” suggested to the kidnapping victim, Mr. Hovsep Dadaghalian, who represents the accused . & nbsp;

According to the defense, the kidnapping of the president of restaurants Cora is a stunt used to crush his older brother, who wanted a job in the family business.

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