Kidney patient is first delivered by drone video

Drones carrying donor organs faster ambulance

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Почку пациенту впервые доставили дроном: видео

Drone covered a distance of 4 kilometers in less than 10 minutes

World’s first organ donor, the patient delivered a drone. Lucky 44-year-old patient from Baltimore – she was waiting for a new kidney for 8 years. Specifically for this rescue mission in the United States has developed a drone that could provide on favourable conditions during transport.

The doctors say that the drone transported a suitcase with a life-saving kidney without damage. Organ successfully transplanted, so doctors hope that soon this technique will become a tradition.

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In the United States each year 5% of patients die due to problems with logistics. As the drone crossed the distance of 4 kilometers in less than 10 minutes. And traffic jams are not a hindrance.

Earlier, Boeing revealed plans to create a combat drone with artificial intelligence. Also recently was presented an unmanned fighter for future wars.

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