Kids' favorite king of baddies!

Kids most beloved King of Villains!


El Kapoutchi, aka the kids' favorite king of bad guys, is back for a fourth adventure! This time he's going after the Tooth Fairy… Its creators, Alexandre Courteau and Pascale Richard, and the illustrator Baptiste Amsallem lead us into this eccentric universe.

Kids' favorite king of baddies!

El Kapoutchi vs. the Tooth Fairy, Alexander Courteau and Pascale Richard, illustrations by Baptiste Amsallem, Éditions de la Bagnole, 48 pages, from 5 years old

How was the El Kapoutchi series born?

Alexandre Courteau: It comes from my family, actually. I have three children. When the first was very small, we were on vacation in France. He was behind me on the baby seat of the bike and he kept saying: “Kapoutchi, Kapoutchi, Kapoutchi “… It's a word that meant nothing and we thought it was funny. At one point, I stopped and said, “Do you know El Kapoutchi? He's the king of the bad guys! ” The character grew… In the evening, I told invented stories around El Kapoutchi. I was already working on the radio with Pascale Richard and she had written a children's book. In 2016, very few podcasts were aimed at children. Pascale and I therefore decided to create real stories with El Kapoutchi.

What are the strengths of your “superhero”? ?

Pascale Richard: First, we found that there weren't a lot of endearing villains in Quebec, in literature.

Baptiste Amsallem: El Kapoutchi, he is super smart, because he builds crazy things. He's a kid, in his mind, but he still builds machines in his garage and they usually work… when they don't turn against him!

< strong>And its weaknesses?

A.C. : He has difficulty managing his emotions. He can get on the nerves for a nonsense.

P.R. : He is very boastful and overestimates himself a lot.

Where do we find El Kapoutchi in this new adventure?

A.C. : He has a toothache and he decides to go to the dentist. He then learns that he has a wisdom tooth and it is impossible for him: wisdom does not rhyme with him! The idea came to him to build a tooth radar to detect when children lose a tooth, so that he could steal the tooth fairy's money from the children.

El Kapoutchi likes make life hard for children… But how was he as a child?

A.C. : His mother is sometimes present, in the stories, and she often reminds him of how annoying he was. It makes him happy to hear that (laughs)! For them, these are good memories, because in the family, we are in the wickedness of mother to son. There is a family grimoire with bad tricks and recipes.

P.R. : It is as if El Kapoutchi had remained like that. He has gained in knowledge, but in terms of emotions, he is still a tanned child!