Kiev attractions: TOP 10 interesting places

Where to go and what to see in Kyiv: mandatory places to visit

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Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

The Monument To Founders Of Kiev

That is interesting, informative, exciting, fraught with Kiev? What attractions are worth a visit if you briefly came to the capital of Ukraine, and you have turned out to be a couple of hours for a walk? How to make the most of it and happy that you wanted to return here again and again? Read the review of best Kiev’s attractions, buy the map, make a route, bring your camera and have a good time.

By the way, August 24 Independence Day of Ukraine, and if you don’t know how to spend the holiday weekend stroll through the old centre of the Ukrainian capital. In addition, in honor of the holiday, the Ukrainians will rest for three days.

Cultural attractions of Kiev: Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Let’s start with the very centre of the city. The main square of Kiev on Khreschatyk street – one of the most popular places for walking, recreation, meetings and visits. I can’t believe that once there was Goat swamp. The whole Maidan is a collection of interesting architectural and artistic objects, monuments, sculptures, fountains. Here, there is a stele with the Keeper, symbolizing the independence of Ukraine, a monument to Archangel Michael sculpture lovers lights, the largest Mall, etc. And in the summer on the Maidan it is possible to admire the light show “dancing” fountains. Maidan rays in different directions at odds a lot of streets.

Cultural sights of Kiev: the reserve “Sophia of Kyiv”

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест


Not far from independence square on the Sofia area is the same name of Saint Sophia Cathedral, one of the oldest in the city. In it he visited Yaroslav the Wise. In Kiev lives the belief that until there is Sofia – the city will outlive any trouble. This temple from most ancient times was considered a masterpiece of architecture, striking by its grandeur and decoration. On its territory there are several museums and a beautiful Park. But the opposite of Sophia is one more interesting historical object – monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky.

The main sights of Kiev: St. Andrew’s Church

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

St. Andrew’s Church

Located this majestic beauty on the legendary street of Kiev – Andrew’s descent, which connects the upper and lower part of the city. It is a wonderful monument of architecture and religion, built in the Baroque style by the architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli in 1754. By the way, here were the events of the film “For Eyad zaytsami”, and next to the Church is the monument to the heroes of Pronia Prokopovna and Svirid Petrovich. And the Andriyivskyy descent also deserves attention.

Beautiful sights in Kiev: Landscape alley

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

The landscape alley

Not far from St. Andrew’s Church begins Landscape alley – one of the fabulous parks of the capital, where a collection of sculptures of the most outlandish, funny, and sometimes eccentric creatures, made by skilled and not so local artists. Here and Cat-centipede, and the Little Prince, and Hares, and Zebra and many more all good, loved by the people of Kiev and guests of the capital. Good place for a selfie and a review of the environs of Kiev.

The historical sights of Kiev: Vladimir the Great monument

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Monument To Volodymyr The Great

High above Kiev on the slopes of the Vladimir hill stands a huge statue of Prince Vladimir the Baptist of the work of Peter Klodt, Vasily Demuth-Malinovsky and Konstantin ton. This is one of the main symbols of Kiev, from which the Park got its name. To the monument to Vladimir converge all the stairs and alleys of Vladimir’s hill. While the panoramic deck offers spectacular views of the entire left Bank Kiev.

Cultural attractions of the city: the monument to Founders of Kiev

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

The Monument To Founders Of Kiev

The legendary founders of Kiev, great princes Horeb, Kyi, Schek and sister Lybid, is immortalized in a stone monolith in 1982 by the sculptor Vasily Boroday on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper. Here it is like to be newlyweds who believe in the beautiful legend: if you throw in the boat wedding bouquet, standing with his back to the monument, the marriage will be strong and happy.

Transport the attraction of the capital Kiev funicular

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Kiev funicular

Electric cable railway or funicular, stretching over 200 meters long, connects the two parts of the city or Postal area of the hem from the upper terrace of Vladimir’s hill in the Upper town. In just 3 minutes you move from one part of town to the other, this opens an interesting view from the window of the funicular. The total elevation is 75 meters, and the cars move under a slope of 20 degrees.

Cultural attractions of Kiev: St. Nicholas Cathedral

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Nicholas Church

Beautiful Grand old house, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas is located on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya street. One of the works by the prominent Polish architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. Since 1980, the Church used as a House of organ and chamber music, so classical fans can get double pleasure from the contemplation of architecture, and from listening to real live on.

Memorable sights of Kiev: the Motherland

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест


Fans of monumentalism and fresh air is sure to impress huge majestic hundred-meter sculpture located on the right Bank of the Dnieper on the territory of the Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II. At the time of the opening of the 80-ies of the last century steel sculpture of this size was made for the first time in the USSR. Its authors are sculptors Vasiliy Boroday and Yevgeny Vuchetich.

Attractions around Kiev: the Museum under the open sky Pirogovo

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

The Museum under the open sky Pirogovo

Cozy, picturesque and authentic village, situated on the territory of more than 150 hectares in the South-West from Kiev. Pirogovo is a Museum of Ukrainian folk architecture and life under the open sky, as well as the largest reserve complex in Eastern Europe. Here, a special atmosphere, many old houses, mills, wooden Church, blacksmith shop, and other examples of wooden architecture and life of the XVI-IXX centuries. The exhibits for the Museum were gathered from all over the country. Here you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital, wander through the numerous places that represent a diverse collection of all the Ukrainian colours in a single location.

We will remind, in the article “Today” you can find out what events are planned in Kiev for Independence Day of Ukraine.

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Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест

Достопримечательности Киева: ТОП-10 интересных мест


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