Kiev, I love you: popular presenters told about his attitude to the capital

Alain frost, Serge Kunitsyn and Anna GRES know where to celebrate Day of Kyiv

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Киев, я люблю тебя: популярные ведущие рассказали о своем отношении к столице

On the day of the Kiev actors and leading UFO TV told about his attitude to the capital

May 26, Kyiv celebrates his next birthday – the capital marks 1537 years! On the eve of the popular and leading actors of channel UFO TV told about his attitude to the city. What they like in Kiev, and what annoys them in it? And also, they see the capital in 50 years.

  • Why do you love Kiev most of all – give the TOP 3 features?

Alain frost – host of the show “Northern check-in”: Love, because it is non-stop and cheap compared to other European capitals. Its main feature is that Kiev is revealed not at first glance. It took me three years to become comfortable.

Serge Kunitsyn – host of “Attack Whale”I Love this city, because they feel at home here. When you go abroad, you always miss in Kiev. This is the city where I was born, where I spent my childhood. This is the city where my daughter was born.

Anna GRES – actress show “Muahahahaha”: I Love Kiev, the atmosphere of the city, people around. TOP 3 what I love about Kiev is Andreevsky Spusk, the “cake” people.

Киев, я люблю тебя: популярные ведущие рассказали о своем отношении к столице

Serge Kunitsyn

  • Plan to spend this Sunday, may 26 (Day of Kyiv)?

Alyona frost: I just flew in from a two-month trip and have not had time to study the program. Before Google and choose one or two locations.

Serge Kunitsyn: I will Not be original – at work we are active tempo to make a detective series. This is a very interesting and exciting! Himself involved in the investigation of our serial hero.

Anya grace: we are friends and we go for a walk around the city.

  • Give the most vivid memory associated with Kiev?

Alyona frost: In the first week after moving to Kiev failed premature November snow. It was abnormally a lot, and the city is completely paralyzed. Then I thought, “cool place of course I moved…here?!”.

Serge Kunitsyn: it parades in childhood. When sitting on dad’s shoulders, is characterized by bright colors and cheerful music.

Anya grace: I’m a radical from Kiev. Impossible of 28 interesting years of my life to choose one – the most vivid memory:).

  • What is your favorite place (street) in Kiev? Why?

Alyona Frost: The Street Of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Energetically, it is like the spine of the city, and other streets and areas already grow around it.

Serge Kunitsyn: Favorite places in my favorite city a lot! Of course, it’s Lavra, the national Museum of history of Ukraine during world war II, St. Andrew’s descent with all the cafes and vendors! Favorite street – talents. I don’t know why… It’s like a place of power where I would like to get rich and to buy!

Anya grace: the Singing field. As a child, my mother went to concerts under the open sky. At first it was fun and exciting, and then there was a very beautiful fireworks. And on other days there are few people, but beautiful views of Kiev. This a place of power where you can be alone with yourself and think about the meaning of life.

Киев, я люблю тебя: популярные ведущие рассказали о своем отношении к столице

Alain Frost

  • I am not satisfied and annoyed at the capital?

Alyona frost: turn Off hot water in the summer for a couple of months. The lack of a sufficient number of multilevel or underground Parking in the center. The city is not adapted to bicycles and Segways. About the convenience for people with disabilities generally keep quiet. We have a really cool modern museums – a maximum of one. Comparing with abroad is particularly striking.

Serge Kunitsyn: Hate when people fall tired, so be surly and angry! Still don’t like it when someone smokes in the streets of Kiev, not thinking about others. Last but not least, when winter is not cleaning the roads. In principle, I can grumble a lot, but everything can be positive.

Anna GRES: most are not satisfied with roads with pits and poor lighting at night near these roads with pits.

  • How do you see Kiev in 50 years?

Alyona frost: Desirable minimum: here has a single color code, built Veloute and exits of borders. In all districts there is rental of Segways and elektroveniku. Abandoned areas have undergone gentrification (renovation of dilapidated urban neighborhoods through the improvement and subsequent attraction of more affluent residents – Sib.). Public transport is completely eco-friendly and powered by solar energy. Organized a decent sort and recycle garbage. Multi-level Parking has been removed from the streets, streams of cars under the curbs. In Kiev, many modern museums, art spaces. In each district there are playgrounds with quality soccer/basketball fields, tennis, skate-parks and recreation areas. The air is fresh, the rivers and lakes clean. Here cool schools and universities, who are happy to come to study foreigners. All the hospitals with modern equipment and renovation. Organized company where seniors can meet, spend time and continue to benefit society. Built centres helping the homeless. The police can rely on, and crime is minimal. Developed small and medium business. Taxation is reasonable, therefore, investments are flowing river to us. Move between neighboring cities and countries fast. Prices for accommodation available. People on the streets smiling and open. Everyone is aware of the joint responsibility for our Paradise. Therefore, each is invested in its maintenance. And here all speak at least three languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian. Preferably all this program do not in 50 years, and in 25. I think it’s real.

Serge Kunitsyn: really want after 50 years, there were as many parks and trees, and hometown remained as always the greenest! That had a lot of free playgrounds and sports grounds to find a place for Parking in the center. And most importantly: that people on the streets, regardless of the time of year, always had a smile – now that’s rare!

Anya grace: I Want to see Kiev in the same atmospheric, but more done “for the people”. City with parks, good roads (no billboards and terrible signs on the houses), which go lucky people.

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