Kievans promise to equip “smart” street

Киевлянам обещают обустроить «умную» улицу

What needs to change.

This year will be partially implemented project Smart Melnykova Street, which three years ago announced the government of Kiev. In particular, we want to complete the modernization of the Park named after Kotlyarevsky, reports the with reference to

This was told by one of the initiators of the project, the head of the Shevchenko district Oleg Garyaga.

At what stage is the project in “smart” street, when it can be implemented and why the appearance of the first smart street in Kiev so late.

The singing fountain and the trendy area for children

Grandiose project of the Kiev authorities, which the press wrote a lot in 2016, is gradually being implemented, albeit at a slow pace. This year in the framework of the Melnykova Street Smart plan to complete the construction of a music fountain and a children’s Playground in the Park named after Kotlyarevsky, and to strengthen the slopes.

In 2016, developed the project Melnykova Street Smart to create a “smart” quarter on Melnikov street. The project implementation is still ongoing, although the street itself is no longer on the map of the capital in October 2018 it was named after Yuri Ilyenko

“We conceived the project Living Lab (“smart” district, equipped with the best technology for a comfortable life in the city) four years ago, – says Oleg Garyaga. – It was planned that “smart” street will be continually updated with new technologies. And the budget of the project amounted to 20 million. And most of the money was to be paid sponsors. Investors – Ukrainian and they have not gone away. But for various reasons it is delayed. The money is not there, then changed the project coordinators. But the project gradually becoming a reality”.

So, according to Garage, last year in the framework of creating a smart street began the modernization of the village located at the intersection of Ilyenko (old name – Melnikov), Herzen and Drevlyansky (ex-yakira), which, incidentally, was founded almost 130 years ago.

In 2018 in the framework of creating a smart street began the modernization of the village which was founded almost 130 years ago. Was done the most expensive work: construction of a music fountain and children’s Playground. And arranged a new walkway, benches, landscaping held

“We are moving according to plan smart streets in the best of their ability. In the past year started to do Park Kotlyarevskogo, which have been allocated instead of the planned UAH 15 million only 6.8 million. Here there are kids from the children’s hospital “OHMATDET” and the entire neighborhood.

Was done main, the most costly operation. This construction is light and music fountain and children’s Playground. And a new walkway, benches, landscaping carried out. In the spring and summer of this year we plan to complete the lining of fountain granite and upgrade a retaining wall,” says Garage.

Development of projects on reconstruction of street of the capital engaged volunteers Kyiv Smart City. In addition to the modernization of the village the project had planned to install energy saving lighting in the street, a system of sorting and recycling, and to modernize one of the schools. Volunteers have developed a project for installation of sensors for people with vision problems, traffic lights that prevent traffic jams, the lighting system ground pedestrian crossings. The project also provided for limitation of trade area, installation of system of video fixing of violations and development of detailed high-quality road markings.

Киевлянам обещают обустроить «умную» улицу

Planned capital reconstruction of road and street communications, creating Bicycle lanes, “smart” systems for lighting pedestrian crossings and modern road markings.

As the coordinator of the Smart City of Yaroslav Boyko, the project was developed and submitted to the district. “As far as I know, this year’s planned reconstruction of the Park Kotlyarevsky. Perhaps there will be implemented some elements of a smart city. Project Manager of the project Oleg Garyaga,” said Yaroslav.

The increase in banding and the pedestrian zone

District near the metro station “Lukyanivska” called one of the most troubled places of Kiev, where the toffees do not end any morning or evening. It is one of eight major transport hubs of the city, where many of the final stops of minibuses. One of the projects of reorganization of traffic in the Lukyanovka district, which was previously provided by authorities, called for the extension of street Ilyenko with the organization of unilateral movement on the streets of the Drevlyani and the city (the old name – Pugacheva) on a site from street Ilienko to Victory Boulevard. And the area near the subway was going to do the tram and walking.

“This project involves the expansion of the roadway from four to five lanes, one of which is reversible: in the morning move towards the center, in the evening towards the Dorohozhychi. As well as the closure of automobile travel with the street on the street Ilyenko. That is Lukianivska square should become a pedestrian and transport it remains the only tramway. Avtoproezd from the streets of the Belarusian and Degtyarevskaya str Ilyenko is scheduled to happen from the streets of Berdichev and Copernicus. Berdichevsky and expands to four lanes. The project is good, it supported the Council, but has not yet agreed to the city. This part of the global project of reconstruction of the tram interchange. One idea is to equip the pedestrian air gallery. The desired transport model. This issue is not yet resolved,” – says Garage.


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