Kill Bill 3 : Quentin Tarantino ready to launch a suite with Uma Thurman

Kill Bill 3 : Quentin Tarantino prêt à lancer une suite avec Uma Thurman

Kill Bill 3 : Quentin Tarantino ready to launch a suite with Uma Thurman

After paying a tribute to old Hollywood this year with Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the director Quentin Tarantino is ready to celebrate its most famous heroine in a film Kill Bill 3, still worn by Uma Thurman.

It is still too early to celebrate, but the recent declaration of Quentin Tarantino allows us nevertheless to believe in a miracle in a few years. This on the set of Andy Cohen, the director of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, when asked about the future of Kill Bill, has simply stated : “I have an idea [on] and what I’d like to do“.

Quentin Tarantino hot for Kill Bill 3

A confession surprising when we know that the last film in date dating back to 2004, but a timing logic for the filmmaker. “That was the trick, finding the concept. What happened exactly to the bride and that is what I want to do ?” he as well clarified.

Especially, Quentin Tarantino was then recalled, where it would have been easy to capitalize on this license, he has always refused to make a sequel that would not be at the height of her heroine : “I didn’t want to come back with a fabulous adventure, ridiculous. She does not deserve it. But now, I have an idea that could be interesting“.

And the other good news in all of this, is that Uma Thurman – the interpreter of the bride, is already agreed for this project. She will soon confront Nikky Green, the daughter of Vernita Green, as it had been teasé on the screen ? To find out, and if this movie actually gets done, it will have to wait until 2023 at least. Fully occupied at the moment with other projects, Quentin Tarantino will not be able to work on it before at least 3 years.

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