Killing of Portapique: the NDP calls for a public inquiry to be complete

Tuerie de Portapique: le NPD réclame une enquête publique «complète»

SAINT JOHN’S – The New democratic Party (NDP) calls on Ottawa to conduct a public investigation “complete” instead of a simple review on the killing of Portapique, which has claimed the lives of 22 people last April, Nova Scotia.

The federal government announced on Thursday the launch of an independent review that is entrusted to experts to determine why the police took more than 12 hours before neutralising the author of the killing of Portapique.

“There is no reason to conduct such a review, said Friday the member of parliament Jack Harris, a critic of public Safety. We have a Law on the investigations appropriate to frame this kind of surveys.”

According to NPD, the process of revision in which the liberals have committed will not guarantee a public hearing and the witnesses “cannot be compelled to speak under oath”.

“There is no obstacle to the establishment of a full investigation,” said Mr. Harris.

The member of parliament for Saint John’s point about the lack of transparency that may characterize this review, unlike an investigation in good and due form.

“The government must initiate a full public inquiry to try to answer the questions and seek to strengthen the confidence which the forces of order need vis-à-vis the communities”, he added.

The senators also

Reacting to the federal government’s decision, four senators have said take note, even if they wish to see the authorities undertake a public inquiry into the killing of the 18 and 19 April.

Senators Stan Kutcher, Colin Deacon, Mary Coyle and Wanda Thomas Bernard said, Thursday, that only a global process, open and completely transparent would capture the ins and outs of this massacre.

For them, the important thing is to recommend measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.

Last Saturday, more than thirty senators had called for a public inquiry into the shooting the deadliest in the Canada.

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