Kim Cattrall found working with Robert De Niro 'fascinating'



Kim Cattrall loved working on a film with Robert De Niro.

The Sex and the City actress toured with the Hollywood legend for Laura Terruso's comedy About My Father, which also stars comedian Sebastian Maniscalco and the Iron Man actress, Leslie Bibb. Kim Catrall revealed to Collider one of the reasons why she wanted to shoot this film.

“I just wanted to have the experience of working with him (Robert), to watch him work, to be in the same room. It's fascinating. He's so open, he's so available,” the 66-year-old actress shared.

She also described the Raging Bull star as “funny” and someone who “doesn't take it too seriously” when he makes mistakes on a take. “He has no ego. He's the first to say “Okay, I screwed up there” – excuse me – “I screwed up!” He is the first to say it! explained Kim Catrall. “I think when other actors see a comedian of that caliber make mistakes, there's no room for failure in that kind of situation. And he was always one of my favorites, it was really exciting,” she concluded.

Leslie Bibb, also interviewed by the media, added, describing Robert De Niro as being “fully into work”.

“I have the impression that young people don't go to school as much anymore. drama and that they no longer watch old movies and have no interest in acting. And he is so passionate about acting. It was really fun to bathe in this atmosphere, ”explained the 48-year-old actress.

My father and me (About My Father) hits French theaters on May 31.