Kim Cattrall has admitted that colleagues in “Sex and the city,” she threatened

Kim Cattrall spoke about the feud with Sarah Jessica Parker

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Ким Кэттролл призналась, что коллеги по "Сексу в большом городе" ее запугивали

The main heroine of the series “Sex in the city”

62-year-old Hollywood actress, star of TV series “sex and the city” Kim Cattrall has accused his colleagues of intimidating her for refusing to star in the third film. Thus, it became known that the actress had a fight with Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, on the eve of filming the third episode. It is reported by The Sun.

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According to Kim Cattrall, she loved “Sex in the city”, but after the second part of the movie realized that for her it was the finish: “It was a blessing in many ways, but two films was enough for me”.

In addition, the star was genuinely puzzled why she could not replace the other actress. Instead, as recognized by Cattrall, she was intimidated.

“I could not understand why they have not replaced me with another actress, instead of wasting time on bullying. No means no,” says Kim.

Ким Кэттролл призналась, что коллеги по "Сексу в большом городе" ее запугивали

Frame from the film “Sex and the city 2”

Note that about the feud Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker has long been known. Actress communicated only to the camera, and all the while, not talking. According to the source, Sarah believed that she the most important person on the court.

“When the shooting ended, Kim told my team that never ever gets another movie with Sarah,” says the insider.

Earlier we wrote that the star of “Sex and the city” Sarah Jessica Parker could leave the show because of the harassment.

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