Kim Clavel more motivated than ever

Kim Clavel more motivated than ever


MONTREAL – Kim Clavel has just experienced the toughest training camp of her career.

The Quebec boxer wanted to get out of her comfort zone by view of her unification fight against the Mexican Yesica Nery Plata (28-2-0, 3 K.-O.). Thursday night, at Place Bell, Clavel (16-0-0, 3 KOs) will put his WBC light flyweight world title on the line and try to steal the WBA belt from his rival. .

“It was an extremely difficult training camp,” said the 32-year-old pugilist on Monday during a press conference held at the Casino de Montréal.

“It was the first times that at times I would tell my physical trainer that I didn't think I would be able to complete certain workouts. I sometimes ended up on all fours, but I always ended up. We were tapping into something I didn't know I had.”

Moreover, Clavel wanted to add additional degrees of difficulty in his preparation.

“That was the request I made to my team. I wanted it to be hard. It still is, but that was one more tick.”

Dealing with adversity

It is not uncommon to see some boxers take things a little more lightly when they finally secure a coveted world title. Clavel realized that dream last July, when she defeated Yesenia Gomez in her first shot at a belt.

“Becoming world champion brings a certain confidence. […] For Kim, it has become an extremely motivating element, underlined her trainer Danielle Bouchard. This is the camp where I saw Kim more motivated than ever.”

“You don't see that very often,” added the woman who has been working in the boxing community for several decades.

The Clavel clan spent part of their training camp in the Dominican Republic. The champion drooled in the sand and in the heat. All this with the objective of managing if Plata ever gets the upper hand.

“If the fight is even harder than you imagined and if a round is more difficult, you owe it to yourself to have experienced this pain before. I wanted it to be deja vu if I ever run out of breath and feel the blood in the back of my throat,” Clavel explained.


This is also the first time that Clavel has not been the favorite of bookmakers and experts in view of one of his fights. Plata is indeed expected to win, she who is notably the first in the ranking of her division according to the specialized site The Quebecer is in third place on the list.

“It's an additional motivation to know that I'm the underdog,” Clavel said. I don't wear the same shoes as usual. It makes me hungry. I want to prove that I'm a winner.”

The new darling of Quebec boxing also said that she wanted to grab all the belts in the mid-flyweight category after defeating Plata. Since Saturday, Costa Rican Yokasta Valle (27-2-0, 9 K.-O.) has held the IBF and WBO titles.

An additional step for Marie-Pier Houle

MONTREAL – Marie-Pier Houle is about to fight the first eight-round fight of her young professional career.< /p>

This new challenge, the pugilist from Terrebonne will live it against the Manitoban Olivia Gerula (19-19-3, 3 K.-O.) this Thursday, in the undercard of the Clavel-Plata duel.

“ I've been waiting for this first eight rounds for a long time, she said. It represents the second stage of my career. Finally, I arrive in the fights which will lead me to confrontations for minor titles and possibly, to a fight of world championship.

Houle (7-0-1, 2 K.-O .) believes being in the ring longer is a great thing.

“I will have more time to settle into my fight. Six rounds is fast and four rounds is dreadful. With this new challenge, I have to be at my peak physical condition.”

“The more rounds you do, the more chances you have of winning and it's less dangerous on the decisions.”

A parity gala

The gala presented at Place Bell, in Laval, will be the first parity boxing event in the history of Quebec. Indeed, there will be three women's fights and as many men's fights.

In addition to Clavel and Houle, Montrealer Caroline Veyre (1-0-0, 0 K.-O. ) will face Mexican Estefania Gonzalez Franco (3-5-0, 0 K.-O.).

“It will be a historic moment for women's boxing in Quebec and I am very happy to be part of it, expressed the 34-year-old boxer. I'm in great shape. Since my first fight with the pros [on August 6], I haven't left a gym and I've worked very hard.”