Kim Jong A reprimand to those responsible for the construction of a large hospital in Pyongyang

Kim Jong Un réprimande les responsables du chantier d’un grand hôpital à Pyongyang

The north Korean leader Kim Jong A sharply reprimanded those responsible for the construction of a hospital prestigious in Pyongyang for their negligence, financial and ordered their dismissal, reported Monday the official media.

The major projects have long been a means of propaganda for domestic to establish the credibility of the masters of Pyongyang. However, some experts note that the priority is often given to the speed of the execution of these works, rather than the quality of the infrastructure.

The site of the general Hospital in Pyongyang has been launched on a prominent site, on the banks of the river Taedong, directly opposite the hill to Mansu, where stands the monumental statues of the founder of the regime, Kim Il Sung, and his son and successor, Kim Jong Il, the father of the current leader.

It is supposed to be finished for the 10th of October, the date of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the workers ‘ Party of Korea. At a ceremony in march, Mr. Kim had presented this project as a “mission critical” to the health policy of the country.

But after having been informed of the progress of the construction site during a site visit, Mr. Kim “has reported serious problems,” reports on Monday, the official agency KCNA.

The committee in charge of the construction showed to be negligent in the funding of the project, whose budget is not properly established,” said Mr. Kim.

This project has been launched “for the good of the people”, but multiplies from now on, requests for assistance, he lamented.

No other specific details were given on the nature of the negligence. But the north Korean leader has asked the central Committee of the party in power to open an investigation and “replace the heads”.

The dispatch from KCNA did not give the date of the visit of Mr. Kim.

Some argue that the building of a north Korean is lagging behind because of the difficulties of the country to source materials due to the strengthening of border controls in the context of the pandemic Covid-19.

The plan recluse is still more narrowed in January, when the coronavirus began to spread from its home in the centre of the neighbouring China. Pyongyang has also imposed strict containment measures.

North Korea continues to maintain that it has no case of Covid-19 on its soil, which doubt the experts.

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