Kim Jong One suspends plans for military action against the South

Kim Jong Un suspend les plans d’action militaire contre le Sud

SEOUL | The north Korean leader Kim Jong One has suspended the plans of military action against South Korea, announced on Wednesday the media in north korea, after several days of rising tensions on the peninsula.

The north Korean regime has multiplied these past few weeks, the verbal attacks against Seoul, criticizing in particular the fact that dissidents in north-koreans based in the South send in the direction of the North of the leaflets of propaganda by means of balloons carried by the wind.

After breaking the official channels of communication, the North Korea was destroyed last week by the liaison office which had been opened in September 2018, just north of the demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and symbolized the relaxation appeared this year on the peninsula.

His army was at the same time said that it would take multiple actions against the South. These included the occupation of sites of cooperation-Korean now at a standstill, the relocation of guard posts in the DMZ or even the intensification of military manoeuvres.

But the agency official north Korean KCNA reported Wednesday that Mr. Kim presided over the previous day a meeting of the central military Commission who ” has suspended plans for military action against the South.”

It gave no additional explanation for this apparent change of strategy, leaving the observers of the regime recluse lost in conjectures.

A number of experts suspected that in recent times the North take the pretext of the mailings of flyers to create a crisis to all parts in order to extract concessions, at a time when the international negotiations on the nuclear are at the point of death.

Seoul reacted strongly to the demolition of the liaison office, as well as the diatribes launched by the sister and advisor of Kim Jong One, Kim Yo Jong, who was recently the face of the regime.

“We warn that we will not nor tolerate the actions and words unreasonable of the North “, said a spokesman for the presidency of south korea.

“Let someone else speak on behalf of the regime gives Kim Jong A the ability to then adjust the trajectory “, said to AFP Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at the University of Ewha in Seoul.

“It may be in the hope of concessions outside or because his army needed more time to implement its next provocation. “

One thing is for sure, according to the university, the North Korea, which has nuclear weapons, ” has not finished with the threats against South Korea or with the strengthening of its so-called deterrent. “

The relations Intercoréennes have continued to deteriorate during the past year, in the wake of the fiasco of the second summit between Mr. Kim and the president of the United States Donald Trump, in February 2019 in Hanoi.

The dialogue between Pyongyang and Washington has foundered on the inability of the two parties to agree on concessions that North Korea should do in exchange for the lifting of sanctions imposed to compel it to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

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