Kim Kardashian and Kanye West : the first name VERY original of their 4th child unveiled

Kim Kardashian et Kanye West : le prénom TRÈS original de leur 4e enfant dévoilé

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West : the first name VERY original of their 4th child unveiled

End of the suspense ! A little over a week after the birth of the 4th child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, the happy parents have announced the name of it ! According to North, Chicago and Saint, how to have it called the baby boy ? A hint : it has nothing to do with the South, Teddy, Rob, or Bear, but it is even more original !

Last may 10, Kim Kardashian announced with joy and pride the birth of his fourth child with Kanye West, a baby boy born to a surrogate mother as Chicago. If she did not reveal yet the name of the baby, the speculation was very good. According to North, Chicago and Saint, all imagined with a name very original for this child. While some of the imagined South, Teddy, Rob, or even “Bear”, which means “teddy bear”, they had it all wrong !

A first name very biblical

The happy parents have announced this Saturday 18 may 2019 on Instagram the first name of their 4th child : it’s called Psalm West ! A name that is still quite biblical since it means “psalm” in French…

“Poor kid”

A name that, once again, attracted a lot of teasing on the internet ! “I was expecting that the child of Kim K and Kanye West have a name of the kind South, but no, it is called Psalm what !! Psalm mdrrr they play serious with the Bible themselves. And why not Leviticus, Exodus, or Revelation for that matter ?”, can we read. “Personally I am convinced that the first names of the children of kim and kanye indicates a place where they have hidden a treasure. Something holy is happening in the north of chicago gives: psalm”, is fun for a user, while another complained about the child “poor kid, this is not the joy of inheriting such a name”. Other laughing already, imagining the French try to pronounce Psalm West !


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