Kim Kardashian emotionally responded to the haters

The star admitted that masters a new profession, and provoked a wave of criticism

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Ким Кардашьян эмоционально ответила хейтерам

Kim Kardashian is going to become a lawyer

Recently it became known that 38-year-old Kim Kardashian learns a new profession. The media personality decided to become a lawyer. It would seem that to fully develop and not to stop – very commendable, but the statement, Kim Kardashian has provoked a wave of criticism in her address. The public believes that the Hollywood diva has all chances to become a lawyer, not only due to knowledge and professionalism, and using his connections and millions.

After reading the negative comments, Kim Kardashian decided to respond to them in Instagram. The star claims he’s been clean for a year studying hard and spends a minimum of 18 hours per week, and will be for another four years. In addition, Kim showed how to pass her classes.

Ким Кардашьян эмоционально ответила хейтерам

Kim Kardashian is studying to be a lawyer

“Over the next 4 years I will need a minimum of 18 hours a week, I’ll pass written tests and tests with multiple choice answers on a monthly basis. I saw some comments from people who say that my connection or the money allowed to become this way, but it’s not. One person said I should “keep their place”. I want people to understand that nothing should limit your desire to dream and achieve new goals. Those who believe that this the easy way, know that it is not. My weekend pass away from my children while I read and learn. I work all day, put their children to sleep and study at night,” wrote Kim Kardashian.

By the way, on the eve of the Declaration of intention to become a lawyer, Kim Kardashian admitted that they and my sister Chloe made theft.

Earlier we wrote that the successors of Michael Jackson are suing the HBO and accused of “pumping money”.

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