Kim Kardashian paid for housing the offender for 5 years

Ким Кардашьян оплатила жилье преступнику на 5 лет

The star helped the man to adapt after the conclusion.

Popular reality star Kim Kardashian, who actively fights for the rights of prison inmates, surprised fans with his charitable act, reports the with reference to TSN.

So, after Kardashian has made trump the release of life sentenced narkodilery Alice Marie Johnson, in January to freedom entered Matthew Charles. Man held in prison for the last 20 years for a nonviolent crime is also drug-related.

By the way, Charles became the first inmates released as a result of prison reform, the development of which Kim was directly involved.

However, after two decades in prison, Matthew was faced with the problem of adaptation, in particular, no one wanted to rent him housing for rent. Found out about it, Kardashian came to man for help, clearing for a house and taking on all liabilities for housing for the next five years.

History shared himself Charles, emotionally thanking a star in Facebook.

“Kim found out about my situation and helped me. For me it’s just incredible! She didn’t do it to attract attention, but I couldn’t not share this news. My heart about to burst from happiness, and I want you to share my joy with me. Thank you, Kim, for all the love and concern for me while I was behind bars. Now I’m free,” wrote Charles.

Ким Кардашьян оплатила жилье преступнику на 5 лет


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